Kernels Of Pork

WIPE a spare rib of pork and remove lean meat in one piece. Cut in three-fourth-inch slices crosswise, sprinkle with salt and saute in a hot iron frying pan, rubbed over with pork fat. Arrange down the centre of a hot platter and surround with nests made of Savory Potatoes filled with Creamed Silver Skins. Garnish with sprig of parsley.

Kernels of Pork.

Kernels of Pork. - Page 132.

Roast Crown Of Pork

Select parts from two loins containing ribs, scrape flesh from bone between ribs, as far as lean meat, and trim off backbone. Shape each piece in a semicircle, having ribs outside, and sew pieces together to form a crown. Trim ends of bones evenly, care being taken that they are not left too long. Sprinkle with salt, dredge with flour and place on rack in dripping pan (bones down) and bake in a hot oven two hours, basting every fifteen minutes with fat in pan, which comes from trimmings of pork fat placed in pan, as that which comes from crown is insufficient.

Remove to chop plate, surround with groups of.

Roast Crown of Pork.

Roast Crown of Pork. - Page 132.

Baked Potato Apples (see p. 185) at regular intervals, and between potato apples, halves of baked apples. Garnish ends of bones with paper frills and put a large bunch of parsley in centre of crown.

Fort Lincoln

Cut three slices fat salt pork (three inches by four inches) in small cubes and try out. To two tablespoons pork fat add three tablespoons flour and stir until well blended; then pour on gradually, while stirring constantly, one cup milk, bring to the boiling point and season with one-half teaspoon salt and a few grains pepper. Add one and one-half cups cold roast pork, cut in cubes, and when thoroughly heated add pork scraps. Make a border in fort shape of mashed potatoes, fill with mixture and garnish with fried potato balls and parsley.

Little Roast Pig

Clean, stuff, truss and skewer a suckling pig. Make four parallel gashes, three inches long, through skin on each side of backbone. Put on rack in dripping pan, brush entire surface with melted butter, sprinkle with salt, pour around two cups boiling water and cover with buttered paper. Roast in a hot oven three hours, basting every fifteen minutes with liquor in pan. Remove paper after cooking two and one-half hours and brush over with heavy cream. Remove to serving dish, put small red apple in mouth, cranberries in eye sockets and laurel wreath around neck. Garnish with nest-shaped hominy croquettes filled with Apple Ball Sauce (see p. 391), sections of red apples and watercress.

Little Roast Pig.

Little Roast Pig.- Page 133.


6 onions.

20 sage leaves.

3 cups soft stale bread crumbs.

1/2 cup soft butter.

1 egg.

Salt and pepper.

Peel onions, add boiling water to cover and parboil ten minutes. Add sage leaves and cook two minutes longer; then drain off water. Finely chop onions and sage and add to bread crumbs, with butter and egg slightly beaten. Season with salt and pepper.