12 green bell peppers 12 red bell peppers 3 onions.

3 tablespoons salt 2 cups sugar 1 quart vinegar.

Wipe peppers, cut in halves lengthwise and remove seeds. Pare onions, add to peppers and force through a meat-chopper. Put in kettle, cover with boiling water and let stand ten minutes; drain, again cover with boiling water, bring to the boiling point and let stand ten minutes. Drain as dry as possible, return to kettle, add remaining ingredients, bring to the boiling point and let simmer fifteen minutes.

Pepper Relish II

1 peck red peppers.

2 cups cold water 1 cup salt.

2 cups vinegar.

1 cup brown sugar.

1/2 cup white mustard seed.

Wipe peppers, cut in halves, remove seeds and put through meat chopper. Put in kettle and add water and salt; cover and let stand over night. In the morning drain and pour over vinegar, sugar and mustard seed which have been brought to the boiling point and boiled two minutes. Fill jars to overflow and adjust covers.