Labouchere gives the following recipe for a monster Easter egg: Take a dozen eggs, separate the whites from the yolks, which latter you pour into a small bladder well washed and thoroughly cleaned. Shape the bladder like a sphere, close it hermetically and plung it into boiling water. When the yolks are quite hard peel the bladder off; you will find them in the form of a ball, which you must place in a larger bladder, adding the whites. The yellow ball suspends itself naturally in the center of the whites. Close the bladder and plunge it into boiling water. When this monster egg is quite hard peel the bladder off again. When you serve it place it in the center of a bowl of salad; then cut it up and serve with the salad.

They had "nudels" at a New York dinner, and Mr. Dana, of the

Sun, heard of them then for the first time. He describes them, not very accurately, and states how the hostess buys them of a German woman, though they are usually made at home as wanted. The woman started the business, made such nice "nudels" and was so cleanly that she now sells enough to support herself and children. All through Pennsylvania "nudels" are much eaten, particularly in soup. In Lancaster, and other inland towns, they are sold in the market. They are kept by some of the Philadelphia grocers, and are frequently served at Philadelphia tables. They are one of the many excellent dishes to which the New Yorker is a comparative stranger. If Mr. Dana will come to Philadelphia, and let me know of his coming, I will promise him "nudel" soup of home-made "nudels" for dinner. I think he spells the word wrong. It ought to be noodles. It is the custom, when you have noodle soup, to dispose of from four to five plates at least. The chicken, which is boiled in the soup, comes afterwards to table.

Mr. Boucicault is said to be such an artist in cookery that he could give points to the best chefs in the country. Mr. Jefferson is very fond of griddle cakes; Salvini, of macaroni; Catherine and Jeffreys Lewis, of Frankfort sausage; and Patti has a weakness for onions - but " the weakness is so strong."