Take two fine ripe pine-apples, of the largest size. Cut off and throw away the points or withered blossoms from the surface of the outside. Then pare off the rind, and cut the paring into small pieces. Cut the flesh of the pine-apples into thick slices first, and then cut the slices into dice, omitting the hard core. Boil the dice in water enough to cover them; when quite soft, take them out, and spread them to cool. Then pour the pine-apple water upon a pound of the finest loaf-sugar, and boil and skim it till the scum ceases to rise. Next, put in the bits of pineapple, give them one boil-up in the syrup, and then set them away to cool in it. In another sauce-pan, boil a pint of cream with the bits of pine-apple rind, till the cream is well flavoured. Then strain it out, and when cool, mix with it, gradually, the beaten yolks of ten eggs, and simmer this custard over the fire, (stirring it all the time,) but do not let it come quite to a boil, or it will curdle. Afterwards, mix together the custard, the syrup, and the bits of pine-apple. Take another pint of cream, whip it to a stiff froth, and make it very sweet with white sugar, and add it to the whole mixture; stirring it well in. Transfer the whole to a large melon-mould, that opens in the middle, and freeze it in the usual manner. To freeze it well, will require near four hours. Turn it out on a glass dish immediately before it is sent to table. You may give this pudding a fine green colour, by adding to the mixture a sufficiency of pistachio-nuts, shelled, and pounded to a green paste.