Take a quarter of a pound of stale sponge-cake, (almond sponge-cake is best,) and grate it finely. Pound, in a mortar, sufficient fresh spinach to yield a half-pint, or a large teacup-full of juice. Then clear out the mortar and pound a handful of tansey-leaves, (or more,) till you have two table-spoonfuls of liquid. Mix the grated sponge-cake with a pint of cream (or of rich unskimmed milk) and four heaping table-spoonfuls of powdered white sugar. If you use milk instead of cream, mix with the grated sponge-cake two large spoonfuls of fresh butter. Add a wine-glass of brandy or madeira, in which you have steeped a heaping tea-spoonful of mixed spice, nutmeg, mace, and cinnamon. Stir the whole hard. Beat six eggs till very smooth and light, and stir them gradually into the mixture. Lastly, add sufficient of the spinach-juice to render it a very fine green, and finish with two table-spoonfuls (not more) of the tansey-juice. Too much tansey will make the pudding bitter. Stir the whole very hard. Butter a deep dish. Put in the mixture, and bake it about three-quarters of an hour. When done, set it in a cool place. Serve it up cold, having sifted sugar over the surface:

This pudding may be boiled in a mould. It must then be eaten warm with wine-sauce.