A pint and a half of sifted yellow corn meal. - Half a pint of wheat flour. - Half a pint of sour milk. - Half a pint of powdered white sugar. - Half a pound of fresh butter. - Six eggs. - A gill, or two wine-glasses of brandy. - A pound of raisins of the best quality. - A large tea-spoonful of mixed spice, powdered mace, nutmeg, and cinnamon. - A large salt-spoon of sal-eratus, or a small tea-spoonful of soda. If you have no sour milk at hand, turn half a pint of rich milk sour by setting it in the sun, or stirring in a tea-spoonful of vinegar. For this cake the milk must be sour, that the sal-eratus or soda may act more powerfully by coming in contact with an acid. The acidity will then be entirely removed by the effervescence, and the cake will be rendered very light, and perfectly sweet. Having powdered the spice, put it into the brandy, and let it infuse till wanted. Prepare the raisins by stoning them, and cutting them in half; dredging them well with flour. They should be muscadel, or bloom raisins, or sultana; if the latter, they will require no seeding. Low-priced raisms, of inferior quality, should never be used for cooking or for any purpose, as they are unwholesome.

Sift the corn meal and the wheat flour into a pan, and mix them well. In another pan mix the butter and sugar, and stir them together with a hickory spaddle (which is like a short mush-stick, only broader at the flattened end) till they are light and creamy. Then add the brandy and spice. In a broad, shallow pan, beat the eggs till very thick and smooth. Then stir them gradually into the butter and sugar in turn with the meal. Dissolve the sal-eratus or soda in a very little lukewarm water, and stir it into the sour milk. Then, while foaming, add the milk to the rest of the mixture, and stir very hard. Lastly, throw in the raisins, a few at a time, and give the whole a hard stirring.

Butter a deep square pan or a turban-mould. Put in the mixture. Set it directly into a brisk oven, and bake it at least three hours; or four if in a turban-mould. "When half done, the heat should be increased. This cake should be eaten the day it is baked.