Six large ears of Indian corn; full grown, but young and soft. - A pint of milk. - A quarter of a pound of fresh butter. - A quarter of a pound of sugar. - Four eggs. - Half a nutmeg grated, and five or six blades of mace powdered. - Having first boiled the corn for a quarter of an hour, grate the grains off the cob with a coarse grater. Then add the butter (cut into little bits) and the sugar. Having stirred them well into the corn, thin it with milk. Beat the eggs very light, and add them to the mixture, a little at a time, and finish with the spice. Stir the whole very hard. Butter a deep white dish, put in the pudding, set it directly into the oven, and bake it two hours. Send it to table warm, and eat it with butter and sugar, or molasses. It is not good cold What is left may be put into a small dish, and baked over again next day, for half an hour; or tied in a cloth, and boiled a while.