A pint of samp that has been boiled, and grown cold. - A pint of milk. - Three large table-spoonfuls of fresh butter. - Three large table-spoonfuls of sugar, or half a pint of West India molasses. - Six eggs. - A table-spoonful of powdered cinnamon and nutmeg mixed, or a table-spoonful of ground ginger. Boil the milk; and just after you take it from the fire stir in the butter and sugar; or instead of the sugar half a pint of West India molasses. Then add the spice, and set the milk, etc, to cool. Beat the eggs till thick and smooth. Then stir them, gradually, into the mixture, a little at a time, in turn with the samp. Butter a deep dish; put in the mixture, and bake it well. Eat it warm, with butter, sugar, and nutmeg beaten together to a cream; or with molasses and butter.

A rice pudding may be made as above; the rice being previously boiled by itself, and well drained.

A samp pudding may be tied in a cloth and boiled.