Take bunches of fine ripe grapes, or large currants, either red or white. Beat, in a broad pan, some white of egg, with one-third its quantity of cold water. Dip the fruit into this, so as to wet it well all over. Then, for a minute or two, lay it to drain on an inverted sieve. Have ready a dish of finely-powdered and sifted loaf-sugar, and roll in it the bunches of fruit till thoroughly covered. Give it a gentle shake, and then lay it lightly on sheets of white paper to dry, which it will in the course of three or four hours, in a warm room or near a sunny window. Serve it up in glass dishes, at dinner or evening parties.

In the same manner, you may pearl ripe strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, cherries, or plums.

Instead of white of egg, you may dip the fruit into thin gum-arabic water; afterwards rolling it in sugar.