At the earnest request of numerous young housekeepers, the author has been induced to offer the following hints for the selection of suitable articles in preparing breakfasts, dinners, and suppers. They, of course, may be varied according to convenience, taste, and the size and circumstances of the family. Receipts for them all may be found either in the present work, or in its predecessor, "Miss Leslie's Directions for Cookery."

Breakfasts For Spring And Summer

Fresh shad broiled; hashed mutton; boiled eggs; potatoes fried - Indian cakes; rolls.

Hashed veal; broiled ham; poached eggs; mashed potatoes - Milk toast; rolls.

Fried cat-fish; omelet; cold boiled ham, or smoked, tongue - Rolls; buttered toast.

Veal cutlets; stewed clams; ham and eggs; potatoes mashed - Rye batter cakes; rolls.

Clam fritters; hashed veal; cold ham; potatoes - Miik toast; muffins.

Fresh shad broiled; stewed chickens; cream cheese - Indian batter cakes; rolls.

Mutton chops; omelet; boiled potatoes - Rice batter cakes; muffins.

Minced veal; broiled ham; poached eggs , cream cheese - Miik toast; rolls.

Pickled salmon; broiled chickens; eggs - Indian cakes; milk toast.

Stewed chickens; broiled ham with eggs; mashed potatoes - Rye batter cakes; rolls.

Fried egg-plant; tongue or ham toast; pepper-grass - Indian batter cakes; rolls.

Broiled chickens; pork cheese; potatoes sliced and fried - Rye batter cakes; muffins.

Stewed pigeons; young corn omelet; mashed potatoes - Flannel cakes; toast.

Clam fritters; stewed egg-plant; broiled tomatoes-Rice cakes; rolls.

Broiled chickens; mock oysters of corn; cold ham-Milk toast; muffins.

Hashed veal; ham omelet; cucumbers: pepper-grass - Rice cakes; muffins.

Birds with mushrooms; soft omelet; sliced ham or tongue - Flannel cakes; toast.

Tongue or ham toast; stewed mushrooms; cucumbers - Indian batter cakes; rolls.

Fresh mackerel broiled; potatoes; young corn omelet - Rice cakes; rolls.

Broiled ham with poached eggs; fried chickens; cucumbers - Rye batter cakes; toast.

Stewed chickens; fried sweet potatoes; broiled tomatoes - Flannel cakes; rolls.

In warm weather fresh fruit (thoroughly ripe, and eaten with sugar) is an agreeable and wholesome addition to the breakfast table. Fruit-jam, marmalade, and honey may be introduced at any season.

Autumn And Winter Breakfasts

Pigeons stewed with mushrooms; fried sweet potatoes; broiled tomatoes - Muffins; milk toast.

Fresh fish broiled; cold ham; potatoes - Indian cakes; rolls.

Oysters stewed or fried; broiled ham with poached eggs - Toast; rolls.

Broiled chickens; ham omelet; broiled tomatoes-Indian cakes; toast.

Stewed chickens; egg-plant sliced and fried; potatoes - Rice batter cakes; rolls.

Hashed duck; ham broiled; poached eggs - Flannel cakes; toast.

Oyster fritters; cold ham or tongue; sweet potatoes sliced and broiled - Indian cakes; rolls.

Mutton chops; broiled tomatoes; pickled salmon - Rice batter cakes; toast.

Beef-steaks; stewed oysters; boiled potatoes - Indian cakes; muffins.

Stewed chickens; sausages; mashed potatoes - Rolls; toast.

Broiled chickens; liver pudding sliced; potatoes-Buckwheat cakes; rolls.

Hashed veal; pig's feet fried; potatoes - Buckwheat cakes; toast.

Venison steaks; broiled sweet potatoes; eggs - Indian batter cakes; rolls.

Venison pasty; fried smelts; mashed potatoes - Buckwheat cakes; toast.

Minced cod-fish, drest with eggs, parsnips, onions, butter, etc.; sausages; boiled potatoes - Indian cakes; rolls.

In cold weather, small hominy, boiled, is often introduced at breakfast tables - -also indian mush, to be eaten with butter and molasses. We subjoin a receipt for pumpkin mush, an excellent and wholesome breakfast dish.

Breakfast Parties

Black tea; green tea; coffee; chocolate; hot cakes of various sorts; omelets; birds; game; oysters, stewed, fried, and pickled; cold tongue; cold ham; biscuit sandwiches; boned turkey, cold; potted or pickled lobster; raised French pie; pigeon, partridge, or moorfowl pie; mushrooms fried, broiled, or stewed; jellies; marmalade; honey; fresh fruit, or sweetmeats, according to the season; a large almond sponge-cake. The table decorated with flowers.

At a breakfast party the dress of the ladies should be more simple than at a dinner or a supper party.