The receipts for these plain dishes are generally to be found in Miss Leslie's "Directions for Cookery," a work to which the present book is supplemental.


Boiled ham; spinach; asparagus; poke; potatoes* - Rhubarb pie.

Veal cutlets; cold ham; spinach; turnips; poke; asparagus - Baked batter pudding.

Broiled halibut cutlets; cold ham; spinach; turnips; asparagus - Boiled indian pudding.

Calf's liver fried with ham; asparagus; turnips; poke; spinach - Rhubarb pudding.

Boiled leg of mutton; stewed onions; turnips; carrots - Baked rice pudding.

Family soup; fried ham and eggs; asparagus; beets; spinach - Baked indian pudding.

Corned beef; cabbage; carrots; stewed onions; beets - Fritters.

Broiled shad; cold corned beef; carrots; spinach; asparagus - Eastern pudding.

Veal pie; fried ham and eggs; asparagus; spinach; Urnips - Gooseberry fool.

* There is no necessity for repeating the mention of potatoes. It will of course be understood that potatoes should constitute a portion of every dinner. Also that pickles should always be on the table with beef and mutton.

Roast veal; peas; asparagus; spinach - Gooseberry pudding.

Boiled rock-fish; hashed veal; peas; spinach; asparagus - Farmer's rice pudding.

Boiled ham; peas; beans; spinach - Gooseberry pie.

Veal soup; cold ham; stewed onions; beans; peas - Currant pie.

Roast beef; horse-radish; peas; beans; asparagus - Custard in a dish.

Fresh cod-fish boiled; cold roast beef; horse-radish; peas; beans; spinach - Eastern pudding.

Mutton soup; the meat that was boiled in it; stewed onions; turnips; suet dumplings - Currant pie.

Roast lamb with mint-sauce; asparagus; peas; spinach - Custard in a dish.

Boiled black-fish; cold roast lamb; spring salad; beans; peas - Gooseberry pudding.

Green pea-soup; veal cutlets; salad; peas; beans - Currant pie.

Boiled ham; fried chickens; peas; beans; salad - Fritters or pancakes.

Roast fillet of veal; cold ham; peas; beans; salad - Gooseberry pie.

Hashed veal; broiled ham with eggs; peas; beans - Boiled indian pudding.

Boiled sea-bass; beef-steaks; onions; beans; peas-Currant pie.

Stewed breast of veal; fried ham with eggs; peas; beans - Gooseberry pudding.

Fresh cod-fish boiled; mutton chops; stewed onions; beans; peas - Baked batter pudding.

Baked beef with a batter pudding under it; beans; peas - Gooseberry pie.

Broiled mackerel; stewed mutton; stewed onions; beans; peas - Boiled rice pudding.

Boiled halibut; beef-steaks; onions; beans; peas - Currant pudding.

Salt cod-fish; stewed onions; veal cutlets; beans; peas - Baked rice pudding.

Plain Dinners For Summer

Clam soup; beef-steaks; stewed onions; peas; beans; summer cabbage - Cherry pie.

Boiled ham; veal cutlets; cucumbers; beans; peas - Custard pudding.

Cat-fish soup; cold ham; cucumbers; peas; beans - Cherry pie.

Stewed fillet of veal; cold ham; squashes; beans; beets - Batter pudding, baked.

Boiled black-fish; beef-steak pie; squashes; beans; beets - Cherry pudding.

Fried sea-bass; stewed knuckle of veal; cucumbers; squashes; beans - Raspberry pudding.

Boiled mackerel; beef-steaks; onions; cucumbers; beans; squashes - Baked rice pudding.

Clam soup; stewed fillet of veal; cucumbers; beets; fried egg-plant - Sweet potatoe pudding.

Beef-steaks with stewed onions; boiled crabs; cucumbers; squashes; boiled corn - Raspberry pie.

Stewed leg of mutton; turnips; squashes; beets; cucumbers - Blackberry pie.

Boiled ham; clam fritters; beans; summer cabbage; corn - Custard pudding.

Clam pie; cold ham; sweet potatoes; lima beans; squashes - Boiled batter pudding.

Boiled fowls; fried ham and eggs; lima beans; sweet potatoes; beets - Raspberry pie.

Roast ducks; stewed egg-plant; lima beans; sweet potatoes; turnips - Custard.

Boiled leg of mutton; nasturtian sauce; turnips; tomatoes; beets - Blackberry pie.

Pilau; clam pie; lima beans; mashed turnips; tomatoes - Boiled indian pudding.

Beef-steak pie; stewed egg-plant; turnips; lima Deans; boiled corn - Boiled rice pudding.

Boiled rock-fish; stewed breast of veal; sweet potatoes; tomatoes; lima beans - Green corn pudding.

Roast pig with apple sauce; turnips; lima beans; sweet potatoes - Raspberry pie.

Boiled ham; fried chickens; lima beans; tomatoes, boiled corn - Green gage pie.

Pot-pie; mashed turnips; lima beans; sweet potatoes; cucumbers - Fritters.

Fried sea-bass; boiled fowls; cauliflower; tomatoes; lima beans - Peach pie.

Roast ducks; cauliflower; tomatoes; lima beans - Green gage pudding.

Boiled ham; clam fritters; summer cabbage; lima beans - Apple pie.

Fried chickens;. cold ham; cauliflower; tomatoes, sweet potatoes - Sweet potatoe pudding.

Fried calf's liver; cold ham; chitterlings or calf's tripe; tomatoes; cauliflower; sweet potatoes - Peach pie.

Stewed beef's heart; clam fritters; sweet potatoes; tomatoes; squashes - Squash pudding.

Corned beef; cabbage; carrots; stewed onions; tomatoes - Plum pie.

Veal cutlets; cold corned beef; tomatoes; squashes; boiled corn - Blackberry pudding.

Harico of mutton; fried chickens; sweet potatoes; lima beans; beets; boiled corn - Peach pudding.

Chowder; mutton chops; turnips; stewed tomatoes; boiled corn - Huckleberry pudding.

Stewed breast of veal; tomatoes; cauliflower; lima beans - Green gage pudding.

Clam pie; veal cutlet; lima beans; boiled corn - Boiled indian pudding.

Halibut cutlets; roasted beef's heart; tomatoes; sweet potatoes; boiled corn - Plum pie.

Cat-fish soup; chicken pie; beans; peas; tomatoes - Raspberry pudding boiled.