Miss Leslie's New Receipts for Cooking of all Kinds. Cakes, Pastry, etc, etc. Entitled; "More Receipts for Cooking," by-Miss Leslie, comprising now and approved methods of preparing all kinds of soups, fish, oysters, terrapins, turtle, vegetables, meats, poultry, game, sauces, pickles, sweet meats, cakes, pies, puddings, confectionary, rice, indian meal preparations of all kinds, domestic liquors, perfumery, remedies, laundry work, needle-work, letters, additional receipts, etc. Also, list of articles suited to go together for breakfasts, dinners and suppers, and much useful information and many miscellaneous subjects connected with general house-wifery. New edition, enlarged and improved, complete in 520 pages, handsomely bound. Price One Dollar a copy only. This work has had a very extensive sale, and many thousand copies have been sold, and the demand is increasing yearly, being the most complete work of the kind published in the world, and also the latest and best, as in addition to Cookery, its receipts for making cakes and confectionary are unequalled by any other work extant.

This excellent and valuable book is published under the title of "MORE RECEIPTS FOR COOKING," BY MISS LESLIE; and is entirely different from any other work on similar subjects, under other names, by the same author.

It is an elegantly printed duodecimo volume of 520 pages; and in it there will be found One. Thousand and Eleven new Receipts - all useful - some ornamental - and all invaluable to every lady, miss, or family in the world.

Miss Leslie in the preface, says: "A large number of these new receipts have been "obtained from the South, and from ladies noted for their skill in house-wifery. Many "were dictated by coloured cooks, of high reputation in the art, for which nature seems "to have gifted that race with a peculiar capability. Some very fine receipts in this col-"lection are of French origin. Their titles are translated into our own language.* * * "The corn meal preparations will be found unusually good; particularly that for In-"dian Mush, an article, which, simple as it is, is seldom made properly, or rather "wholesomely."

A very important feature in this new and admirable Cook Book, under the title of "MORE RECEIPTS FOR COOKING," BY MISS LESLIE, will be found in the list of articles suited together for breakfasts, Dinners, Suppers, etc. In it will be found extremely popular and useful suggestions, - of immense value in every household, adding greatly to its convenience, its comfort and economy.

"Miss Leslie's ' Complete Cookery' is perhaps better known than any similar collection of receipts. The very elegant volume before us, entitled 'More Receipts for Cooking,' by Miss Leslie, is designed as a sequel and continuation to it, and should be its companion in every family, as the receipts are in no instance the same, even when their titles are similar. It contains directions for plain and fancy cooking, preserving, pickling: and commencing with soups, gives new receipts for every course of an excellent dinner, to the jellies and confectionary of the dessert. Besides this, there are directions for perfumery, miscellaneous receipts, etc., and the celebrated ' Indian Meal Book,' which embraces every method in which that most valuable staple can be prepared. Our readers arc no strangers to the accuracy and minuteness of Miss Leslie's receipts, as, since the first number of the Gazette, she has contributed to our housekeeper's department. This is the more noticeable, that she has no other similar en-fagement. with any family paper. The new receipts in this volume are admirable. Many of them are modified from French sources, though foreign terms and designations are avoided. The publisher has brought it out in an extremely tasteful style." - Philadelphia Saturday Evening Gazette.

"Mr. T. B. Peterson has just published a new edition of Miss Leslie's ' More Receipts for Cooking.' This is a truly popular work. Thousands of copies have already been disposed of, and other thousands will be needed. It contains directions for cooking, preserving, pickling, and preparing almost every description of dish; also one hundred and twenty recipes for preparing farina, Indian Meal, fancy tea-cakes, marmalades, etc. We know of no more useful work for families." - Penna. Inquirer.

A copy of this celebrated Cook Book, entitled, ' More Receipts for Cooking,' by Miss Leslie, will be sent to any person at all, to any place in the United States, free of postage, on their remitting One Dollar to the publisher, in a letter, post-paid.

Published and for Sale by T. B. PETERSON, No. 1053 Chestnnt Street, Philadelphia.

Orders from Booksellers, News Agents, Pedlars, Canvassers, and all others, will be thankfully received, and they will please send their orders at once, and they will be filled with promptness and despatch.

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