Sea-shore dinner

Chowder; crabs; broiled mackerel; potatoes - Raisin pudding.

Plain Dinners For Autumn

Fresh pork, stewed with sweet potatoes; lima beans; tomatoes; com - Plum pie.

Roast ducks; stewed egg-plant; tomatoes; lima beans; squashes; turnips - Peach pie.

Ochra soup; beef-steaks; tomatoes; lima beans; sweet potatoes - Sweet potatoe pudding.

Roast leg of pork, with apple sauce; sweet potatoes; lima beans - Custard.

Rabbit soup; boiled ham; cauliflower; lima beans; tomatoes - Peach pie.

Ham pie; veal cutlets; salsify; sweet potatoes; lima beans - Peach pudding.

Rabbit pot-pie; broiled ham with eggs; lima beans; sweet potatoes - Baked bread pudding.

Pigeon soup; beef-steaks; onions; tomatoes; lima beans; sweet potatoes - Apple pie.

Stewed beef; tomatoes; turnips; salsify; sweet potatoes; turnips - Bread and butter pudding.

Ox-tail soup; fried rabbits; lima beans; beets; sweet potatoes - Peach pie.

Roast leg of mutton; stewed onions; russian turnips; beets - Apple rice pudding'.

Mutton harico; fried chickens; turnips; salsify; lima beans - Eastern pudding.

Pork and beans; stewed rabbits; tomatoes; sweet potatoes; russian turnips - Boiled indian pudding.

Oyster soup; roast goose with apple sauce; turnips; sweet potatoes - Sweet potatoe pudding.

Boiled fowls with celery sauce; oyster fritters; turnips; sweet potatoes; winter-squash - Apple pie.

Roast pork with apple sauce; turnips; salsify; tomatoes; sweet potatoes - Baked batter pudding.

Roast beef with horse-radish; sweet potatoes; turnips; tomatoes; cold-slaw - Baked apple pudding.

Mutton soup; the meat that was boiled in it; hashed beef; turnips; beets; tomatoes - Baked rice pudding.

Fresh pork stewed with parsnips; turnips; winter-squash or cashaw - Apple dumplings.

Beefbouilli; oyster fritters; turnips; stewed onions; winter-squash - Apple pie.

Stewed leg of mutton; russian turnips; sweet potatoes; salsify - Baked bread pudding.

Hashed mutton; fried ham with eggs; turnips; tomatoes; winter-squash - Apple pudding, boiled.

Beef-steak pot-pie; turnips; tomatoes; stewed pumpkin - Fritters or pancakes.

Boiled corned pork; cabbage; winter-squash; turnips - Bread and butter pudding.

Roast mutton; turnips; cold-slaw; beets; tomatoes - Boiled rice pudding.

Bean soup; cassarole of mutton; turnips; beets; cold-slaw - Apple pie.

Pork pie with apples in it; veal cutlets; turnips; beets , comatoes - Boiled indian pudding.

Corned beef; cale cannon; tomatoes; boots; turnips; carrots - Indian fritters.

Cold corned beef; tripe and oysters; stewed onions; cold-slaw - Pumpkin pudding.

Fresh beef stewed with parsnips; tomatoes; turnips; beets - Baked rice pudding.

Boiled ham; cabbage; tomatoes; stewed pumpkin; turnips - Apple pie.

Stewed beef's-heart; cold ham; winter-squash; beets - Eastern pudding.

Pigeon pie; smoked tongue; winter-squash; turnips - Apple rice pudding.

Ox-tail soup; veal cutlets; turnips; tomatoes; winter squash - Dried peach pudding.