Sea-shore dinner

Clam soup; roast salmon; boiled ham; sea-coast pie; stewed oysters; fried oysters; stewed lobster; crabs; baked clams; mashed potatoes-Biscuit pudding; sweetmeat fritters; cake syllabub; orange flummery.

Company Dinners - Autumn

1. Mock turtle soup; stewed rock-fish; roasted ham; boiled fowls; stewed ducks; fried rabbits; stuffed egg-plant; broccoli and eggs; fried artichokes; stewed mushrooms; potatoe snow; sweet potatoes - Chocolate pudding; meringued apples; cake syllabub; peach ice-cream.

2. Venison soup; baked salmon-trout; boiled ham; French chicken pie; roast ducks with cranberry sauce; veal olives; sweetbread omelet; stewed red cabbage; turnips; onion custard; sweet potatoes - Boiled almond pudding; orange tarts; sweetmeat fritters; vanilla icecream.

3. Rich brown soup; sea-bass with tomatoes; ham pie; fricasseed chickens; roast goose with apple sauce; oyster omelet; birds with mushrooms; scolloped tomatoes; cold-slaw; sweet potatoes; broccoli and egg's; fried artichokes; onion custard - Lady's pudding; sweetmeat tarts; lemon custards; almond ice-cream.

3. Normandy soup; stewed rock-fish; tongue pie; roast fowls; partridges in pears; stewed ducks; oyster loaves; lima beans; tomatoes broiled; stewed mushrooms; cold-slaw; sweet potatoes - Orleans pudding; orange custards; Spanish blanc-mange; vanilla ice-cream.

4. Soupe a la Julienne; cream trout; roasted ham; stewed wild ducks; tomato sweetbreads; French oyster pie; white fricassee; mushroom omelet; stewed red cabbage; lima beans; winter squash; sweet potatoes; turnips - Marrow pudding; lemon custards; meringued apples; peach ice-cream.

5. The best oyster soup; stewed rock-fish; boiled ham; roast wild ducks with currant jelly; chicken rice pudding; birds in a grove; terrapin veal; sweetbread croquettes; turnips; sweet potatoes; onion custard; broiled tomatoes - Vanilla flummery; omelet souffle; sweetmeat tarts; lemon ice-cream.

6. Meg Merrilies soup; boiled rock-fish; roasted ham; stewed wild ducks; French oyster pie; roasted pheasants; Columbus eggs; mushroom omelet; lima beans; sweet potatoes; turnips; winter-squash; beets - Orange flummery; sweet potatoe pudding; calves' feet jelly; lemon ice-cream.

7. Rich white soup; sea-bass with tomatoes; baked tongue; roast goose with apple sauce; fricasseed fowls; venison steaks with currant-jelly; oyster omelet; broiled mushrooms: turnips; sweet potatoes; winter-squash; lima beans - Cocoa-nut pudding; sweetmeat tarts; lemon custards; chocolate ice-cream.

8. Hare or rabbit soup; stewed rock-fish; boiled ham; pigeon pie; roast fowls; brown fricassee; partridges in pears; woodcocks; oyster loaves; turnips; sweet potatoes; winter-squash; beets; cold-slaw - Sweet potatoe pudding; orange tarts; whipped cream; Spanish blancmange.

Company Dinners - Winter

1. Mulligatawny soup; fresh cod-fish fried; boiled ham: roast turkey with cranberry sauce; fowls stewed whole; oyster pie; potatoe snow; turnips; parsnips; winter-squash - Cocoa-nut pudding; lemon pudding; mince-pie; calves' feet jelly.

2. Clear gravy soup; stewed rock-fish; roasted ham; boiled turkey with oyster sauce; venison pie; brown fricassee; sweet potatoes; turnips; parsnips; beets - Orange pudding; almond pudding; meringued apples; chocolate cream.

3. Venison soup; fresh cod-fish boiled; smoked tongue; pair of roast geese with apple sauce; oyster pie; French stew of rabbits; turnips; potatoe snow; parsnips; onion custard; beets - Transparent pudding; orange tarts; mince-pie; floating island.

4. Mock turtle soup; boiled, rock-nsn; nam pie; smoked tongue; roast turkey with cranberry sauce; boiled fowls with celery sauce; oyster loaves; sweetbread croquettes; turnips; parsnips; beets; maccaroni - Charlotte russe; mince-pie; calves' feet jelly; blanc-mange.

5. Rich brown soup; fresh cod-fish stewed; boiled ham; venison roasted; red-head ducks with currant jelly; oyster patties; veal rissoles; turnips; parsnips; beets; winter-squash; cold-slaw - Mince-pudding; omelet souffle; orange flummery; vanilla ice-cream.

6. Rich white soup; fresh cod-fish fried; roasted ham; venison pie; boiled turkey with oyster sauce; partridges in pears; chicken rice pudding; potatoe snow; beets; turnips; winter-squash; stewed red cabbage - Plum pudding; chocolate blanc-mange; cocoa-nut cream; apple-jelly.

7. Meg Merrilies soup; stewed rock-fish; boiled ham; canvas-back ducks roasted; French oyster pie; fricasseed chickens; veal olives; winter-squash; potatoe snow; beets; turnips; maccaroni - Orange pudding; cocoa-nut pudding; cake syllabub; chocolate ice-cream.

8. Maccaroni soup; fresh cod-fish stewed; smoked tongue; canvas-back ducks stewed; partridge pie; fricasseed fowls; stewed sweetbreads with oysters; turnips; potatoe snow; parsnips; beets; cold-slaw - Orleans pudding; Italian charlotte; apple compote; orange-jelly.