1. Oyster soup; boiled sheep's-head fish; roasted ham; white fricassee; chickens stewed whole; terrapin veal; sweetbread croquettes; asparagus; stewed peas; stewed spinach; fried celery; maccaroni - Lemon pudding; almond pudding; calves'-feet jelly; vanilla ice-cream.

2. Maccaroni soup; stewed rock-fish; boiled ham, brown fricassee; veal rissoles; chicken rice pudding, larded sweetbreads; asparagus loaves; asparagus omelet; French spinach; French peas; stewed beets - Rhubarb cups; transparent pudding; charlotte russe; lemon ice-cream.

3. French white soup; baked sheep's-head fish; boiled ham; lamb cutlets, the French way; roasted sweetbreads; beef's tongue stewed; French chicken pie; maccaroni; stewed peas; stewed beans; asparagus; stewed spinach - Omelet souffle; Orleans pudding; blanc-mange; orange ice-cream.

4. Fine clam soup; halibut cutlets; roasted ham; brown fricassee; broiled sweetbreads; pigeon pie; lobster rissoles; asparagus omelet; maccaroni; lettuce peas; asparagus; French spinach; potatoe snow - Boiled almond pudding; sweetmeat fritters; vanilla flummery; cake syllabub.

5. Green pea soup; stewed sea-bass; French ham pie; baked tongue; cutlets a la Maintenon; fricasseed chickens; maccaroni; asparagus; stewed peas; stewed beans - Marietta pudding; Spanish blanc-mange; calves'-feet jelly; lemon ice-cream.

6. Asparagus soup; stewed halibut; roasted ham; chicken curry; fricasseed sweetbreads; terrapin veal; chicken patties; maccaroni; lettuce peas; potatoe snow; stewed beans; stewed beets - Lady's pudding; green custard; wine fritters; gooseberry water-ice.

7. Friar's chicken; halibut cutlets; boiled ham; French chicken pie; sweetbread croquettes; lamb cutlets, French way; lobster patties; Columbus eggs; French peas; stewed beans; stewed beets; potatoe snow - Orleans pudding; orange tarts; pistachio cream; iced jelly.

8. Rich veal soup; stewed carp; boiled ham; sweetbreads stewed with oysters; roast ducks; soft crabs; chicken rice pudding; stewed peas; stewed beans; stewed beets: potatoe snow - Maccaroni pudding; red custard; chocolate cream; almond ice-cream.

Company Dinners - Summer

1. Duck soup; fresh salmon stewed; roasted ham; French chicken pie; veal olives; sweetbreads with cauliflowers; baked clams; stewed lobster; fried artichokes; scolloped tomatoes; lettuce peas; stewed beans; lettuce chicken salad - Pine-apple pudding; currant ice; iced jelly; strawberries and cream.

2. Pigeon soup; cream trout; baked tongue; terrapin veal; clam sweetbreads; chicken curry; roast ducks; fried cauliflower; French peas; stewed beans; lobster salad - Lady's pudding; pine-apple tarts; raspberry charlotte; strawberry ice-cream.

3. The best clam soup; roasted salmon; boiled ham; rice pie; tomato chickens; sweetbread croquettes; veal olives; lobster patties; cauliflower maccaroni; lima beans; stuffed egg-plant; sweet potatoes - Charlotte russe; cherry water-ice; vanilla blanc-mange; iced jelly.

4. Lobster soup; baked salmon-trout; tongue pie; roast ducks; fricasseed chickens; sweetbreads with, cauliflowers; reed-birds; lettuce peas; stewed beans; stewed beets; Sydney Smith's salad - Almond pudding; orange pudding; vanilla ice-cream; Spanish blancmange.

5. Maccaroni soup; salmon steaks; French ham pie; chickens stewed whole; white fricassee; lobster rissoles; tomato sweetbreads; lima beans; sweet potatoes; young corn omelet; potatoe snow; fried cauliflower; salad - French charlotte; vanilla blanc-mange; lemon custards; raspberry ice-cream.

6. Rich white soup; boiled salmon; roasted ham; stewed ducks; boiled fowls; plovers; scolloped tomatoes ' lima beans; sweet potatoes; cauliflower omelet; lobster salad - Marietta pudding; raspberry charlotte; iced jelly; pistachio cream.

7. Normandy soup; roasted salmon; boiled ham; French chicken pie; brown fricassee; sweetbreads with cauliflowers; lobster patties; birds with mushrooms; lima beans; scolloped tomatoes; sweet potatoes; turnips; stewed egg-plant; salad - Orleans pudding; maccaroni pudding; Spanish blanc-mange; peach ice-cream.

8. Mock turtle soup; baked salmon; roasted ham; tongue pie; fricasseed chickens; stewed ducks; plovers; clam sweet breads; broccoli and eggs; sweet potatoes; onion custard; lima beans; salad - Orange tarts; charlotte russe; maccaroni blanc-mange; Marlborough pudding; lemon ice-crean.