Roast Ducks. (Young Ones)

After the ducks have been dressed and washed in cold water, dry them off with a soft linen cloth then rub the inside of each duck with a teaspoonful of fresh butter and a pinch of salt and pepper; now fill them, sew them up, put a pinch of salt and pepper over them, dredge them with flour and put them into the roasting pan with half a pint of water, a large spoonful of fresh butter and a double baked rusk. When the flour on the ducks has browned baste them from time to time and cook them one hour; when lifted put half a pint of hot water into the gravy, let it boil up a minute, stir it up well from the bottom and pour it into the gravy dish. Serve with currant or cranberry jelly.

Stuffing For Ducks. (One Pair)

One quart of sliced white onions cut up fine; six ounces of fresh butter; eight ounces of stale bread without the crust, dipped in cold water and squeezed out quick; three fresh eggs beaten separately; one teaspoonful of grated nutmeg; one teaspoonful of salt; half a teaspoon-ful of pepper. Put the butter and onions into a deep skillet and cook the onions soft, then put in the bread, nutmeg, salt and pepper and mix it well together, then take it off the fire and beat the yolks and stir them in, then beat the whites with one teaspoonful of white sugar to a stiff foam and stir them in when you are ready to fill.