One rabbit, eight bay leaves, one tablespoonful of fresh butter, six onions the size of an egg with six cloves stuck in each onion, half a pint of hot cider vinegar, one teaspoonful of salt, half a tea-spoonful of pepper, one tablespoonful of browned flour with one tablespoonful of fresh butter mixed in it, two tablespoonfuls of crushed double baked rusk. After the rabbit has been skinned, cut up and washed in cold water, put it into a dutch oven or flat stew kettle with cold water enough to cover it and just before it begins to boil skim it, then put in the bay leaves and one tablespoonful of butter and cover the kettle. Peel the onions and stick six cloves in each one; when the rabbit has cooked one hour put in the vinegar, onions, salt and pepper, put the browned flour and butter into a skillet and when it is hot stir in a few spoonfuls of the liquid from the rabbit and let it boil a minute or two, as soon as the onions are soft stir in the flour and butter, then stir in the rusk and let it simmer slowly twenty minutes, or until the gravy is thick enough. Remove the bay leaves before sending it to table.

Spiced Rabbit

Skin the rabbit, dress it and leave it whole with the head on, wash it in cold water, take out the eyes and lay it on the meat board and lard it with fat bacon, cut the bacon one quarter of an inch thick, cut off the skin, trim off the edges and cut it in -wedge shaped pieces, make the incisions in the thick part of the rabbit with a sharp pointed knife and press in the bacon; put the rabbit into the pickle and let it stay in three days, then take it out, dry it off, sprinkle a little salt over it and dredge it with flour; have ready on the fire a frying pan containing half a tablespoonful of fresh butter and half a tablespoonful of lard, and when it is hot enough to brown lay in the rabbit, cover the pan, brown it on both sides, baste it from time to time and cook it slowly thirty minutes. When it is lifted put a gill of hot water into the gravy, let it boil a few minutes, stir it up from the bottom of the pan, then pour it into the gravy dish.