Roasted Quails

After the quails have been picked and dressed, wash them in cold water, dry them with a napkin and put a pinch of salt and pepper inside of each one. Put a large kitchen spoonful of fresh butter into a dutch oven or deep skillet over the fire, and when it is hot enough to brown, lay in the quails. Then put in six crushed juniper berries for each quail, cover the oven or skillet and brown them on both sides. Then put in a tablespoonful of hot water from time to time, and baste often. Cook them slowly thirty minutes, and when they are lifted, put a gill of hot water into the gravy, stir it up from the bottom, let it boil a few minutes, and then pour it through the gravy strainer.

Game Stuffing For Quails, Pigeons And Birds

One gill of rich sweet milk, four ounces of fresh butter, half a pound of crushed double baked rusk.

three fresh eggs beaten separately, two tablespoon-fuls of green parsley leaves, cut up fine, two tea-spoonfuls of crushed celery seed, one teaspoonful of powdered mace, one teaspoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of pepper. Put the milk and butter into a deep skillet and let it get warm enough to melt the butter. Then put in the parsley, celery, mace, salt and pepper. Beat the yolks with a spoonful of cold milk and stir them in. Then put in the rusk and beat the whites with one teaspoonful of white sugar to a stiff foam and stir them in just when you are ready to fill.