Tapioca Pudding

Three ounces of tapioca washed and soaked until very soft in half a pint of cold water, one pint of rich sweet milk, one pinch of salt, three table-spoonfuls of white granulated sugar, one table-spoonful of fresh butter, four fresh eggs beaten together, two teaspoonfuls of vanilla extract. Put the milk, salt and soaked tapioca into a saucepan and set it into another pan over the fire containing boiling water and boil it until the tapioca is all dissolved. It takes from fifteen to twenty minutes, and must be stirred constantly, then put in the sugar, butter and vanilla, beat the eggs well together with a little cold milk and stir them in, let them cook two minutes, then put the pudding into a porcelain mold that has been dipped in cold water and when the pudding is set turn it out. Serve with a fruit, custard or wine sauce.