4 pounds shin of veal 10 cups (2 1/2 qts.) water Any poultry bones

An old fowl or a rabbit 3 stalks celery 1 onion, sliced

1 blade mace

Cut meat into small pieces, and break up bones, put them into soup pot with cold water and bring gently to the boil; skim thoroughly, add other ingredients, and simmer four hours; pour through a fine sieve, and when cold remove the fat. The bones may be boiled down again.

A very economical white stock may be made by using bones only in making the stock, and no meat; use a ham bone, if possible, with the other bones as this gives a nice flavor.

To Remove Fat from Stock. Have in readiness two kitchen spoons, a bowl of boiling water, a clean cloth, and a small dish into which to put the fat. Heat the spoons in the boiling water, and use first one and then the other to skim off the grease. The spoons, being hot, melt the fat, and make it much more easily removed. When as much as possible has been taken off with the spoons, dip the end of the cloth into boiling water and wipe the stock over with this until free from grease. If the stock has not jellied, pieces of tissue or any absorbent paper must be passed over the surface instead of the cloth.

If the fat is good it should be clarified and used for drippings.