1 pound beef 4 sheep's kidneys 1 tablespoon flour

6 tablespoons stock or water 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper

Suet pastry

Trim away all skin and superfluous fat and cut meat into strips. Split kidneys, remove skin and inside fat, and cut into small cubes. Line greased mold or basin with suet pastry which has been rolled out to one fourth inch thickness. Fill up with meat, kidneys, seasonings, flour, and stock; cover with a lid of suet pastry, then cover with a greased paper and steam steadily four hours. One chopped onion may also be added for flavoring. When pudding is ready, turn out and serve with hot gravy.

This dish is one that commends itself especially to the busy housewife, for if the pudding is made directly after breakfast there is a long morning free for household duties, for the steamer needs no attention beyond the addition of a little boiling water now and then. Meat puddings need not necessarily be made of beef. Mutton puddings are excellent - neck of mutton can be utilized in the same way, and is particularly good when layers of sliced onions and potatoes alternate with meat. Rabbit cooked in a pudding is the most economical way of serving it. Onions and herbs make excellent flavoring, or it can be varied by rolling the joints in mixture of curry powder and flour before adding water. Old poultry which is too tough for anything but soup making can be rendered eatable in a pudding.