Shell globular, strong, large, covered with coarse longitudinal striae, five volutions, convex; spire short, and the apex blunt; pale cream-colour, with rufous bands; the columella arched; and of a pale purplish-pink; the outer lip dark reddish-brown; mouth almost round.

Helix aspersa, Linnaeus. Garden Snail - Shell opaque, nearly globular, four to four and a half volutions, the last much larger, occupying nearly two-thirds of the shell; mouth nearly ovate; spire short, with a blunt point; the outer lip white, with dark-brown bands or mottlings, subject to great variety of markings; epidermis yellowish-green, and thick.

* 'Old Cookery Book'.

Helix Pomatia_Apple or Vine snail

1&2. Helix Pomatia_Apple or Vine snail. 3 So 4. Helix Nemorahs _Wood snail.

5. Helix Aspersa_Common Garden snail.

6. Helix Pisana_the Banded snail.

Helix Nemoralis, Linnaeus. Wood Snail

"Shell imperforate, globular, whorls five, more or less covered with minute spiral striae; mouth pyriform; inner margin oflip of a rich dark chocolate-brown; in variety hortensis mouth has a white lip. Colours various; yellow, yellow with brown bands, pink, pink and brown, dark chocolate, with darker bands of the same colour, and white.