Take two onions and cut them into small dice, fry them in a stew-pan with some butter; shake the pan well for a few minutes, add five heads of celery, two handfuls of spinach, two cabbage-lettuces cut small, and some parsley. Shake the pan again, put in two quarts of water, some crusts of bread, a teaspoonful of pepper, and a blade or two of mace. Let this boil gently for an hour. Boil the whelks, take them out of their shells, and fry them a good brown, and then add them to the soup, and let the whole boil a few minutes, then serve.*

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Another Way Of Making Whelk Soup

Wash the whelks well, boil them and pick them out of the shells.

Put an ounce of batter or dripping, with some finely chopped parsley, an onion, a little pepper and salt, into a saucepan, and fry it until it becomes brown, adding a little flour. Then to this add a pint of water or a pint and a half of milk, and when it boils, place in the whelks and a teaspoonful of anchovy. Let it boil again for half an hour, then serve.

How To Dress Whelks

Boil them till quite tender, then eat them with vinegar and pepper.

At Marseilles I have seen the large Triton nodiferus sold in the streets ready boiled for eating; but it did not look a tempting dish, and appears to be appreciated only by the lower classes.