Wash the shells clean, and put the clams, the edges downwards, in a kettle; then pour about a quart of boiling water over them; cover the pot and set it over a brisk fire for three quarters of an hour; pouring boiling water on them causes the shells to open quickly and let out the sand which may be in them. Take them up when done; take off the black skin which covers the hard part, trim them clean, and put them into a stewpan; put to them some of the liquor in which they were boiled; add to it a good bit of butter, and pepper and salt to taste; make them hot; serve with cold butter and rolls.*

* Miss Ball.

† 'Every Day's Need'.

Stewed Soft Shell Clams

Get fifty clams taken from their shells, and freed from the black skin; wash them well in clear water and put them in a stewpan with very little water; cover and set it over a gentle fire for half an hour; then add to them a bit of butter the size of a large egg, or larger; dredge in a tablespoon -ful of flour, and salt and pepper to taste; stir it in them; cover the stewpan for ten minutes, then serve hot. Many persons like the addition of a wine-glass of vinegar.†

How To Fry Soft Clams

Get them taken from the shell, as they are very troublesome to clean. Wash them in plenty of water, and lay them on a thickly folded napkin to dry out the water; then roll a few at a time in wheat flour, until they will take up no more. Have a thick-bottomed frying-pan one third full of boiling hot lard, and salted (in proportion, a table-spoonful of salt to a pound of lard), lay the clams in with a fork, one at a time; lay them close together and fry gently, until one side is a delicate brown, then turn carefully and brown the other; then take them off and put on a hot dish. When fried properly, these clams are very excellent.‡