Youghal Way Of Cooking Sugar-Loons

Boil them; take them out of the shell, and eat them with a little butter, taking care to cut off the outside skin.*

Hampshire Method Of Cooking Myadce

Wash the shells well, then boil quickly for a few minutes; as soon as the shell opens, the fish is cooked. Do not let them boil longer, as it makes them hard, and spoils the flavour. A little vinegar and pepper can be added as a relish.

Clam Soup

Two small bunches of young, soft clams; cut out the round fat parts, chop the hard parts with twenty-five hard clams medium sized; put these into the juice with a little water, and boil from two to three hours, then put in the round parts, with a piece of butter and a little pepper, and boil fifteen minutes; add a pint of hot milk, and let it just come to a boil before serving.†