"Take them out of the shells, and well scrub them; then let them simmer for two or three hours, until they are quite tender, after which they may be scalloped as an oyster, or put into the pan to brown with butter".

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They require to be well beaten with a stick or hammer, to make them tender, if they are to be fried; and they are likewise sometimes pickled with vinegar.

Haliotis tuberculoid is eaten in Italy, and is called Orrechiale; and Orrechio di San Pietro in the Adriatic; in Sicily, Patella reale; Lapa hurra in Portugal; and in Spain, Peneyras, Lampreas, Mangulinos, Joeles, Senori-ņas, Cribas, Oreya de Mar, and Orella de Mar* The Germans call it the Meerohr, or Ohrsnecke.