"Pound the fish, and add to each pint of them one pint of sherry wine, one ounce of salt, powdered mace two drachms, pepper one drachm. Boil up, skim, strain; add to each pint two tea-spoonfuls of brandy, then bottle, to flavour sauces when oysters are out of season". ||

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Oysters An Gratin

"Set a little cream in a pipkin, with a piece of butter (the quantities to be judged according to the size of the dish), and mingle them gradually; add to this a little anchovy sauce, cayenne wine, and grated lemon-peel. Pour half of this in a dish, lay in the oysters, and grate over them a little Parmesan cheese and bread-crumbs (not too thick a layer), seasoned in the usual way; then pour over the rest of the cream and butter, and grate another thin layer of Parmesan and bread-crumbs. Set it in a quick oven, or in a Dutch-oven".*

In the Mediterranean, a species of oyster, viz., Spondylus gœderopus, is eaten both in Spain and in Italy. The Spanish names for it are Ostia vermella, or Ostia vermeya, and the Italian, Spuonnolo, and Copiza.