"Set a pint of cream upon the hob, beside a fire of clear glowing ashes, in an earthenware pipkin, glazed inside. Take two ounces of butter, and intimately mix with part of it a teaspoonful of best arrowroot, flavour with the flesh of anchovy, pounded, a dash of cayenne-wine, a squeeze of lemon-juice, and a scrap of peel, and stir' in the whole, letting it boil until of the proper consistence; then put in the oysters (if of a large size they should be cut into halves or quarters), and keep stirring the sauce for about two minutes. - N.B. In mixing the butter with the cream take care that the blending proceeds slowly, and keep stirring gently with a wooden spoon".*

* 'The Art of Cookery made Plain and Easy.' † Francatelli's 'Cook's Guide'.

‡ Idem.

Old Recipe For Making Oyster Sauce

"Take half a pint of large oysters, liquor and all; put them into a saucepan with two or three blades of mace, and twelve whole peppercorns; let them simmer over a slow fire, till the oysters are fine and plump, then carefully with a fork take out the oysters from the liquor and spice, and let the liquor boil five or six minutes; strain the liquor, wash out the saucepan well, and put the oysters and liquor into the saucepan again with half a pint of gravy, and half a pound of butter just rolled in a little flour. Add two spoonfuls of white wine, keep it stirring till the sauce boils, and all the butter is melted".