"Take the flesh of the inside of a loin of mutton, and chop it as for force-meat, and season it with spice; then put to it fifty oysters, chopped very small, with a little French bread grated, and the yolks of four eggs, with a little chopped onion, a little beef-suet, and a little lemon-peel. Roll it into what form you please, and, if you do not use it, cover it up, and it will keep a long time".

* Mrs. Crowen's 'American Lady's Cookery Book.' † Idem. ‡ Maitre Jacques.

Oyster Sausages

"Mince a pint of oysters, scalded so as to make them hard, and also a pound of lean sirloin of beef, and mix them; season with pepper, salt, and mace; mix up well with the yolks of eight eggs, shape them like sausages, and fry in butter".‡