Cut off the head and feelers, and take out the white bone; then boil for a short time till tender - generally ten minutes or so will suffice. It is said to taste like lobster.

Alexis, in his 'Wicked Woman,' introduces a cook, saying: -

"Now these three cuttle-fish I have just bought For one small drachma; and when I have cut off Their feelers and their fins, I then shall boil them, And cutting up the main part of their meat Into small dice, and rubbing in some salt (After the guests already are set down), I then shall serve them in the frying-pan, And serve up hot towards the end of supper".

Cuttles are in the best season from January to the end of March, and they may be cooked thus: - Boil them and cut them in pieces, season with scallions and onions, and add a little vinegar towards the end.

* 'The Gun, Rod, and Saddle,' by Capt. J. Parker Gilmore. † Mr. A. Morton.

Spanish Method Of Stewing Cuttles

Stew them over a very slow fire in oil or butter, and, before serving, add a little water, salt, bread-crumbs, saffron, and a soupcon of new honey or sugar.