Remove all the meats from three young rabbits; keep the minion fillets aside and suppress the sinews from the remainder; pass the meat twice through the machine (Fig. 47), weigh and allow double the same quantity of unsalted fat pork. Chop up the pork fat, add the rabbit meat and chop together once more. Chop up also eight ounces of lean ham cooked separately and mix this in with the rabbit, seasoning with salt and spices for game galantines ( No. 168). Bone twelve quails, equalize the meats, removing half of the fillets to lay them in the places that are bare of meat; spread a third of the forcemeat over the birds and on each one lay four small truffles, wrapped in udder, placing them in lengthwise; on each side of these truffles put slices of well-seasoned rabbit tenderloin, and over another third part of the forcemeat and four more truffles; lay at each end and in the center the remainder of the tenderloins and forcemeat over the whole. Close up the quails, sew and wrap them in slices of fat pork, then in a cloth; tie it firmly to keep the galantines in good shape.

Line a braiziere (Fig. 134) with bards of fat pork, lay the boned quail on top with the game carcasses around; moisten with plenty of mirepoix stock (So. 419). Two hours' cooking will be quite sufficient; take off and put them under weight in molds the same shape as the ones used for ballotines of squabs a la Madison (No. 3427) and when very cold unmold and wash the same molds and decorate them with truffles and white of egg; cover the decorations with a light coating of jelly; fill them with the quails and jelly: leave on ice for two hours then turn them over and dress them.on a trimmed rice socle two inches high; garnish around with chopped jelly and over this cold artichoke bottoms (No. 2501). Garnish the center with small crescents of red beef tongue glazed with jelly.

Quail   (Caille)

Fig. 391.

Quail - (Caille).