(2682). Artichoke Bottoms A La Villars (Fonds D'Artichauts A La Villars)

Procure twelve raw artichoke bottoms; when turned (Figs. 547-548) and pared blanch them in salted water and cook in white stock (No. 182), with aromatics and a little white wine, keeping them slightly firm; drain on a cloth and then cut out the bottom with a two and a quarter inch diameter tin cutter. Lay them in a sautoir, moisten with a little chicken bouillon (No. 188) and a small piece of butter. Reduce the liquid entirely. Mince some white onions, blanch them for a few minutes, fry them lightly in butter and moisten with broth (No. 104a) and cream, half of each, adding the same quantity of minced fresh mushrooms; reduce and leave to cool. Drain the artichoke bottoms, cover the hollow side with the preparation, and this with a layer of raw cream forcemeat (No. 75); strew over bread-crumbs and grated cheese, and lay them in a sautoir with a little stock (No. 194a); color in a moderate oven, and dress on a well-buttered reduced cream veloute sauce (No. 415).

(2683). Artichoke Bottoms Fried (Fonds D'Artichauts Frits)

Pare off the bottoms of some young, tender and stringless artichokes; after cutting away the green part divide each one in four, remove the choke and cut the leaves at half an inch from the bottom; divide each quarter in four and throw them at once into a pan of water acidulated with vinegar; drain and lay them in a vessel with salt, pepper, oil and lemon juice. Prepare a frying paste with flour, diluted with water, adding a few egg-yolks and a little olive oil; whip the whites to a stiff froth and beat them into the paste; dip each piece of artichoke into this and plunge them in hot frying fat; cook slowly, drain, wipe and salt over with salt; dress on a folded napkin with a bunch of parsley on top.

(2684). Artichoke Bottoms Stuffed - Lean (Fonds D'Artichauts Farcis Au Maigre)

Pare eight or ten raw artichoke bottoms, blanch them in salted water and cook them in a white stock (No. 182) with aromatic herbs and a little white wine, keeping them rather hard, then drain them on a cloth. Prepare a duxelle (No. 385) composed of chopped onions, shallots, truffles and mushrooms, mingled first with a little smooth cream frangipane panada (No. 120), then with a little sauce; season the preparation and finish it with some raw egg-yolks, chopped parsley and a few-spoonfuls of salted anchovy fillets cut in small dice. With this forcemeat cover the artichoke bottoms, smooth and bestrew with bread-crumbs; range them in a small deep baking dish, capable of being placed in the oven, and besprinkle lightly with oil; finish cooking in a slack oven, basting over frequently.

(2685). Artichoke Bottoms With Baked Cauliflower (Fonds D'Artichauts Aux Choux- Fleurs Gratines)

Have some artichoke bottoms cooked and prepared as for la Villars (No. 2682); drain and fill the hollow centers with flowerets of cauliflower; cover with bechamel sauce (No. 409), bestrew the top with bread-crumbs and grated parmesan, baste over with butter, and range them at once on a buttered baking sheet; bake in a moderate oven and dress in a circle on a dish; pour bechamel cream sauce (No. 411) in the center, or else a brown half-glaze sauce (No. 413).