(1855). Chicken Fillets Or Breasts A La Valencay (Filets Ou Ailes De Poulet A La Valencay)

Pare twelve raw chicken fillets without detaching the minion fillet; cut a gash down the whole length and in the middle of each fillet without separating the parts: turn the meat inside out fill the inside space with a preparation of chopped truffles fried in butter and thickened with meat glaze then allowed to cool off and mix with one egg-yolk. Dip each one of the fillets in veloute sauce (No. 415) reduced with cream and when they are quite cold, immerse them in beaten eggs and roll in fresh white bread-crumbs; smooth them shapely with the blade of a knife. At the last moment range the fillets in a sautoir with clarified butter and brown them on both sides over a moderate fire; drain and trim with favor frills (No. 10). Dress in a circle filling the inside space with tomatoes prepared as follows: Cut medium-sized sound and peeled tomatoes into quarters, press out the juice and seeds, then fry them in butter seasoning with a little salt and sugar. Serve a half-glaze sauce (No. 413) with Madeira separately.

Chicken Fillets Or Breasts A La Valencay Filets Ou 386

Fig. 366.

(1856). Chicken Fillets Or Breasts A La Valerri (Filets Ou Ailes De Poulet A La Valerri)

Prepare twelve fillets by removing the thin skin covering them; remove the minion fillets to streak with red beef tongue; turn each one of these around a large Spanish olive, replacing its stone by quenelle forcemeat (No. 89), pushed through a cornet; on top of this forcemeat set a small truffle ball. Lay these in a buttered sautoir, cover with a sheet of buttered paper, and poach them in a slow oven, just when ready to use. Saute the large fillets lightly with butter and lemon juice, and lay them under a weight, then divide them in two through their entire thickness. Range half of them very closely together, and pour over a layer of soubise (No. 723), having it a quarter of an inch thick, set the other twelve halves on top of these halves, and leave till cold, then pare them all evenly into half heart-shapes; dip each separate double piece in well reduced but partially cold allemande sauce (No. 407), and let cool off again, then dip in eggs, roll in bread-crumbs, and fry in clarified butter; drain, trim with favor frills (No. 10), and dress in a circle; fill up the center with mushrooms sauted in butter and fine herbs, pour over some half-glaze (No. 400) and Madeira, and set the minion fillets on top of these mushrooms.

Serve separately a sauce-boat of half-glaze sauce (No. 413).

Chicken Fillets Or Breasts A La Valerri Filets Ou  387

Fig. 367.

Chicken Fillets Or Breasts A La Valerri Filets Ou  388

Fig. 368.

(1858). Chicken Fillets Or Breasts Au Supreme (Filets Ou Ailes De Poulet Au Supreme)

, Select six medium chickens of two pounds each, remove the large fillets, also their skin and epidermis; pare these into half hearts and range in a buttered sautoir; on top of the thickest part of these lay the minion fillet in a half circle after it has been scored; pour over butter and the juice of a lemon, cover with a buttered paper and cook in a hot oven. Set some superme sauce (No. 547) and chicken glaze (No. 389) in a sautoir and just when ready to serve stir in fresh butter cream and six ounces of peeled and sliced truffles. Trim all the fillets with favor frills (No. 10) and dress them in a circle filling in the inside with the sliced truffles and sauce. Serve a sauce-boat of supreme sauce (No. 547) at the same time.