(2246). Crepine Of Pigeons, Poivrade Sauce With Truffle Essence (Crepine De Pigeons, Sauce Poivrade A L'Essence De Truffes)

Truss six pigeons as for an entree (No. 178); braise them in a mirepoix stock (No. 419) and when done transfer them to a vessel, straining the mirepoix stock over and then let get thoroughly cold. Spread some pieces of "crepine" or caul fat on the table; split the pigeons in two. pare nicely and cover with a forcemeat made of half a pound of veal and half a pound of veal suet, both being finely chopped and pounded to a pulp, then mix in two ounces of bread crumbs, salt, pepper. nutmeg, finely shredded chives, chopped up mushrooms and a few egg-yolks; when this forcemeat is of a sufficient smoothness, and has acquired a firmness, use it to cover over both sides of the pigeons, laying it on rather thick; place a few slices of truffles on top and wrap the whole in pieces of crepine; baste over with melted butter and roll in bread-crumbs, then put them in a slow oven to get very warm, and serve on a poivrade sauce (No. 522) with essence of truffle (No. 395) added.

(2247). Crepine Of Reedbirds (Crepine De Mauviettes)

Take one dozen well cleaned and boned reedbirds, remove the breasts and put the leg meats and intestines into a sautoir, fry them in butter with some truffle parings and let get cold: season with salt and pepper, pound toa pulp and press through a sieve: mix in with this as much game quenelle forcement (No.91). and later add an equal quantity of fine herbs. Pare the breasts, remove the skin without extracting the minion fillets, season and cover both sides with a part of the forcemeat. Have some fresh and well soaked "crepine" or caul fat; remove the fattest parts with a knife and wrap the breasts in, dip them once in butter, then in bread-crumbs, smoothing this nicely with the blade of a knife, fry in clarified butter, drain and dress in a circle with a bread crouton between each of the breasts. Fry some chopped mushroom, shallot and parsley, moisten with a little white wine and good stock; reduce the stock, add to it a little meat glaze (No. 402) and parsley and finish with a piece of fresh butter; cover the crepines with this and serve at once.

Crepine Of Reedbirds Crepine De Mauviettes 438

Fig. 418.

(2248). Crepine And Sausages Of Venison (Cr6pine Et Saucisses De Chevreuil)


Take a pound of venison minion fillets, suppress all the sinews and cut it up into medium quarter-inch squares, place these in a vessel with half as many raw truffles cut in three-sixteenths inch squares, and season with salt and spices, pour a little Madeira over and marinate for one hour. Mix in with some prepared pork farce (No. 68), three ounces of foies-gras braised and cut in three-sixteenths inch squares; after it is cold, pound the parings with;. few truffle parings and put the whole together, season highly and divide the preparation into even parts each the size of an egg and shape them into fiat ovals, wrap up in fresh pork " crepine " or caul fat, brush over with butter, dip in bread-crumbs and broil on a moderate fire for fifteen minutes while turning over; range them on a dish, pouring a little reduced gravy (No. 404) in the bottom, or add some Westphalian sauce (No. 561) to this.

Sausages -Chop up three pounds of lean and sinewless venison with the same weight of fresh pork, a coffeespoonful of fine spices or else powdered sage, two coffeespoonfuls of pepper, three of salt, and three gills of water; when the whole is well chopped fill some mutton casings so as to form sausages five to six inches long; prick them and broil.

(2249). Crepine Of Young Rabbits (Crepine De Lapereaux)

Remove all the meats from two raw young rabbits after they have been properly cleaned; suppress all the skin and sinews and chop up finely, then mix in an equal quantity of chopped fresh pork and season highly. Chop all this once more together, adding one-sixth of the same quantity of cooked fine herbs (No. 385) such as onions, shallots, mushrooms, truffles and parsley. Lay this hash on a large piece of " crepine" or caul fat and roll it up oval shape, flatten to half an inch in thickness, butter over with a brush and place it in a deep, narrow, but long baking pan; cook for thirty or forty minutes in a slack oven while basting occasionally. Drain and dress on a dish, serving at the same time a sauce-boatful of good gravy reduced with game glaze (No. 398).