(2242). Crepine Of Lambs' Trotters, Perigueux Sauce (Crepine De Pieds D'Agneau, Sauce Perigueux)

Prepare and cook the lambs' trotters the same as for the poulette (No. 1768), drain and wipe; open them lengthways, and bone them entirely, using the utmost precaution not to tear the flesh; divide each one into two parts, season and fill the hollow place in each half foot with a salpicon composed of truffles, veal udder and cooked foies-gras, combined with raw quenelle forcemeat (No. 93), and a little baking forcemeat (No. 81); place on each four slices of truffle; wrap each half foot in a band of " crepine" or caul fat, previously well dried and beaten between two cloths to reduce its thickness; roll these crepines in melted butter, then in bread-crumbs, smooth and equalize the surfaces with the blade of a knife, and boil them for twenty to thirty minutes over a very slow tire, turning them during the operation. Dress them on a very hot dish, and serve with a sauce-boat of Perigueux sauce (No. 517;.

(2243). Crepine Of Pullet (Crepine De Poularde)

Put half a pound of grated fat pork in a saucepan with as much butter and oil, set it on the fire with the pullet, and brown this to a fine color, then take out and untruss. Brown in butter some finely chopped shallot and mushrooms, season with salt, pepper and chopped parsley, let cool off, and use it to mask the surface of the pullet, then lay over a layer of not too hard quenelle forcemeat (No. 89), and wrap the whole up in a piece of "crepine" or caul fat; baste with butter, bestrew with bread-crumbs and place it in a hot oven to finish cooking the pullet; dress and pour around a buttered half-glaze sauce (No. 413), with lemon juice added.

(2244). Crepine Of Brains (Crepine De Cervelles)

Prepare and cook some brains as for the poulette (No. 1481); when well drained, split them in four through the thickest part. Blanch one pound of onions, cut in eighth of an inch dice pieces, in salted water for ten minutes; drain them off, then fry these in butter to cook without coloring; season with salt, pepper, nutmeg, thyme and bay leaf; add a quart of veloute sauce (No. 415), reduce well, suppress the thyme and bay leaf, and thicken with six egg-yolks and a little butter; let this preparation cool off partially, then envelop the slices of brains in plenty of it, and then wrap them in "crepine" or caul fat, giving each one a flat oval-shape; dip in butter and roll in bread-crumbs, broil over a slow fire, and serve on a slightly thickened aspic gravy (No. 391).

(2245). Crepine Of Chicken A La Turenne - Breasts (Crepine De Filets De Poulet A La Turenne)

Pare and chop up finely half a pound of raw chicken fillets, and one pound of chopped fresh fat pork; season with an ounce of spiced salt (No. 168), and two tablespoonfuls of chopped truffles. Pound the chopped chicken, add to it the pork. Spread some pieces of "crepine" or caul fat on a napkin: divide half of the prepared forcemeat into inch and a half diameter balls, and lay on top of the crepine a fine slice of truffle, over this a forcemeat ball; flatten down to half, and place on top some minced mushrooms previously fried in butter with fine herbs, and on this lay another slice of truffle. Wrap the crepines into oval-shapes, and dip each in butter, then roll in bread-crumbs to broil over a slow fire; serve on a half-glaze sauce (No. 413) finished with mushroom essence (No. 392).