(1149). Eels A La Marechale (Anguilles A La Marechale)

Skin an eel as described in No. 57, suppress the second blueish skin by first laying the eel over a bright charcoal fire, then hold the head in one hand in a cloth, and with another cloth in the other hand, pull off the skin all at once; shave the spinal bone and ventrals with a very keen knife, contrary ways from the bone. Empty out the insides and the blood adhering to the spinal bone, and cut the fish up into three inch lengths; braise in a mirepoix, and white wine stock (No. 419), and fish stock (No. 195). When the fish is cooked, drain, and lay it on a dish, pouring the strained stock over; let get cold, then drain off the pieces, and bread them English style (No. 13), and broil over a slow fire. Add to a supreme sauce (No. 547), reduced with the above stock, some minced truffles, olive shaped quenelles, and small shrimps; serve the eels on a hot dish, and the garnishing separate.

Eels A La Marechale Anguilles A La Marechale 310

Fig. 291.

(1150). Eels, Broiled Or Fried, Tartar Sauce (Anguilles Grillees Ou Frites, Sauce Tartare)

Cut slices of eel three inches long, and cook them in white wine mirepoix (No. 419), and fish stock (No. 195). When done, range the pieces in a tureen, and pour their stock over, strained through a sieve; let them cool off, then drain and dip each piece in melted butter, roll them in bread-crumbs, and broil over a slow fire; dress them on a hot dish, or else bread the eels by dipping in eggs and rolling in bread-crumbs, smooth this nicely, and fry in plenty of hot fat; drain, dress on a folded napkin, and decorate the top with fried parsley; serve separately a plain tartar sauce (No. 631).

(1151). Eels, Fried With Butter And Fine Herbs (Anguilles Frites Au Beurre Et Aux Fines Herbs)

Having cleaned some small eels, season with salt and pepper; roll them in flour, and fry slowly in butter; when done, dress and pour over the butter in which they were cooked. Bestrew over with finely cut-up chives and chopped parsley, squeeze over the juice of a lemon, and surround with a border of very thin slices of lemon, laying a bunch of parsley on top.

(2488). Galantine Of Eel, Decorated (Galantine D'Anguille Decoree)

Skin a large Niagara eel. take out the middle bone, season and fill it with fish quenelle forcemeat (No. 90), mixing into it truffles, and pistachios, seasoning it well. Inclose this dressing in the eel and lay it in a well-buttered Savarin mold, baste over with white wine mirepoix Stock ( No. 419) and cover with bards of fat pork. Place this mold in a low saucepan containing a little water and push it into a slack oven; when the fish is properly done, remove and leave it to cool off in the mold under the pressure of a light weight, then turn it out and dress on a round dish; cover over with Cambridge butter (No. 570), decorate with cuts of truffle, the red part of a lobster, tarragon leaves and a small stalk of chervil; garnish around with quartered hard-boiled eggs (No 2513) and fill the center with a macedoine salad (No. 2650) dressed with mayonnaise (No. 606); serve with a separate tartar sauce (No. 631).