(1220). Pompano A La Anthelme (Pompano A La Anthelmel)

Raise the fillets from four fresh fish, leaving on the skin; cut with a small vegetable spoon, half inch diameter balls of potatoes, obtaining a quart when finished, boil them in salted water, and as soon as they are done, drain, return them to the saucepan, cover with a cloth, and set them in a slack oven for a few minutes. Boil up a pint of fresh cream, then add to it the potatoes. Season the fish fillets with salt, flour them over and cook them in a frying pan with clarified butler, when done range them in the center of a dish. Thicken the potatoes with shrimp butter (No. 586) and dress them around the fish besprinkling the whole with very green chopped parsley.

(1221). Pompano A La Carondelet (Pompano A La Carondelet)

Cut four fish into quarter of a pound slices, boil them in salted water containing thyme, bay leaf, parsley branches and vinegar; at the first boil remove them from the hot fire to let quiver on one side of the range for fifteen minutes; when finished, drain and suppress the skins, keeping the meat as whole as possible. Fry a medium sized onion in butter, dust with curry powder and moisten with court bouillon and white wine (No. 39); thicken this stock with thick bechamel (No. 409), and reduce it properly; stir in egg-yolks and fresh butter, then strain the whole through a tammy. Dress the fish; pour the sauce over and surround either with fried milts or mussels a lavilleroi (No. 698).

(1222). Pompano A La Duclair (Pompano A La Duclair)

Lift the fillets from the fish, pare them into half hearts and marinate with salt, pepper, oil and lemon juice; lay them in a sautoir containing clarified butter and cook in the oven. Mince up very finely one medium raw onion, a small bit of garlic and two ounces of celery root; fry them in butter and moisten with fish stock (No. 195), adding a few cloves, let this cook for twenty minutes, then pass it through a sieve and incorporate into it some veloute, reduced to the consistency of a sauce, when ready for serving incorporate therein chopped parsley and a piece of fresh butter. Dress the fillets either in a circle or a straight row, cover over with one-half of the sauce, and serve the other half in a separate sauce-boat.

(1223). Pompano A La Macedoine (Pompano A La Macedoine)

Have several fresh fish; lift off the fillets, suppress the skin and cut them into thin slices; lay these in a fluttered sautoir one beside the other, and season with salt, pepper and nutmeg: when they are cooked set them under a weight to get cold, mask over with a well reduced allemande sauce (No. 407), into which has been stirred some mushroom puree (No. 722). Bread-crumb them English style (No. 13), and lay each fillet close, one beside the other, in the sautoir, pour over some butter and brown them in a brisk oven; when removed dress them in a circle, garnish the center with a vegetable macedoine (No. 2755), thickened with fresh butter just when ready to serve.