Divide a small head of cabbage into four parts, cutting down through the stock; soak for one half hour in a pan of cold water to which has been added a tablespoon of salt; then remove from the water and cut in slices. Have a large saucepan full of boiling water; put in the cabbage, pushing the slices under the water with a spoon; add a tablespoon of salt and cook from twenty-five to sixty minutes, according to the age of the cabbage. Drain through a colander; then put in a chopping bowl and mince. Season with butter, pepper and more salt if needed, and stand over the fire for a few minutes to reheat. Allow a tablespoon of butter to a pint of cooked cabbage.

Keep the kitchen windows open while cooking and the door closed so that no unpleasant odor may rise through the house.

Cabbage With Pork

For a small head of cabbage use half a pound of minced salt pork. Boil the pork gently for three or four hours. Prepare the cabbage as for plain boiled cabbage; drain well and put on to boil with the pork. Boil and serve the pork with the cabbage. A little additional salt may be needed.

Smoked bacon or ham or corned beef may be substituted for the pork; but these are usually better if cooked separately from the cabbage.

Lady Cabbage

Prepare and cook the cabbage in the usual way. Chop very fine; return to the fire; cover with milk; season; bring to a boil and serve.

Creamed Cabbage

Make a cream sauce; add the boiled cabbage, chopped; bring to a boil and serve, sprinkling a little chopped parsley over the top of the dish.