The more expensive meats are not necessarily the most nutritious. If the housewife thoroughly understands the right way to prepare cheaper meats, and has a fireless cooker, it is possible to have a tender and juicy piece of meat at comparatively small cost. Meats cooked by the fireless method do not lose in weight, because nothing escapes, and there is no shrinkage from evaporation. It is a recognized fact that the tough meats can be reduced to delicious tenderness if steamed in a closed roaster for several hours. This is the principle of the fireless cooker.

Corned Beef

For cold corned beef the plate piece is best, while for hot the brisket is to be preferred. Always have a good layer of fat around it. Place in cold water and bring slowly to a boil and boil for thirty minutes, skimming well the first few minutes. Have cover tightly closed before removing to the cooker, and leave six or eight hours, using one radiator. Cool in stock; press between plates, and serve in thin slices.

Boiled Beef

The brisket or piece of round is good for boiling. Place the suet and trimming of the meat in the kettle and fry out the fat. Then throw in the meat and sear quickly on all sides. Remove the cracklings from the fat and cover the meat with boiling water.

Without removing the cover place in the cooker and leave three hours or more. Use one radiator. Then place on a hot platter; salt well; garnish with cress or boiled cabbage. The liquor should be saved for stock and sauce,

Beef Au Gratin

Put in baking dish a layer of bread crumbs, then some thin slices of fat salt pork, slices of cold cooked beef, onion, parsley and another layer of crumbs, until the dish is full. Pour over all any left-over gravy or stock to moisten. Bake in the cooker for one hour.

Roast Beef

The best shaped roast to cook in the fireless is a rolled roast of five to eight pounds. Use whatever seasoning you are accustomed to and prepare in the usual way for the oven. Put the roast in the largest vessel, and if the roast is large, raise the temperature of the two radiators to the highest possible point; then place the vessel in the large compartment and allow it to remain on the program of twenty minutes for each pound of roast, or three minutes less per pound if the roast is desired rare.

Round Steak On Biscuits

Cut round steak into small half-inch squares; cover with water and boil for five minutes. Remove at once to the fireless cooker and leave for five hours. Take out the meat; make a brown sauce of the juice; pour meat and sauce over split tea biscuits that have been baked with a hard crust.

Beef Stew

2 pounds round steak

3 cups water

1 teaspoon salt Dash of pepper

1 carrot 1 turnip 1 stalk celery 1 onion

Remove the skin from the meat and cut into inch pieces; place in kettle; add water and seasoning. Cut the carrot, turnip and celery into one-half-inch cubes and add to mixture; also the onion, sliced. Boil for ten minutes and place in cooker for three hours. Thicken with four tablespoons of flour and one half cup of water, well mixed, Serve on toast.