Beefsteak And Onions

Select a thick steak and butter both sides; slice the onions thin and lay a layer of onions on top of the steak. Place it in the cooking vessel and use both radiators, the same as in roasting; and leave for about three quarters of an hour.

Boiled Dinner

Take three or four pounds of corned beef; cover with cold water and let boil slowly for twenty minutes. Then skim and add a small head of cabbage, a few carrots, potatoes and turnips and boil for five minutes. Place in the cooker for four hours. Use one radiator, or use no radietor and cook a longer time.

Browned Beef Stew

2 pounds round steak 3 cups water

1 onion Seasoning

Cut meat into small pieces. Slice onions and brown in some of the suet or two tablespoons of butter; add meat and cook until well browned. Add the three cups of water and seasoning; allow to boil slowly for ten minutes. Place kettle in cooker for three hours; thicken with four tablespoons of browned flour and six tablespoons of water made into thin paste.

Chicken Curry

3-pound chicken 1/3 cup butter 2 small onions

2 teaspoons salt

1 teaspoon vinegar

1 tablespoon curry powder

Boiling water

Clean, singe and cut the chicken. Put the butter in a hot frying pan; add the chicken. Chop the giblets and onions; add salt, vinegar and curry powder. Cover with boiling water; place in the cooker for four hours, using one radiator. When ready to serve, remove the chicken. Thicken the liquid with flour; strain, and pour over the chicken. Garnish with a border of rice.

Fricasseed Chicken

Dress, clean and cut the chicken for serving. Flour and salt slightly; cover with boiling water; then place in cooker without removing cover and leave for three hours. Take from cooker and make sauce with the liquor by adding a tablespoon of flour, rubbed smooth in a half cup of milk; salt and pepper to taste. Let it come to a boil on the stove and serve at once with hot biscuits.

Chicken Pie

Place hot fricassee chicken and gravy in a baking dish. Make a rich crust and place on top of chicken. Place in cooker for one half hour. Use two radiators.

Roast Chicken

The time necessary for roasting a chicken depends on the age of the bird. One hour and a half is sufficient for a young chicken, but an older one should be roasted two hours, and a very tough chicken three hours. If this course is followed, old chickens will turn out as tender and savory as spring chickens. Prepare the chicken in the usual method for the oven. It will not be necessary to heat the chicken to brown it before it has been placed in the cooker, for if both radiators have been made very hot the chicken when roasted will be nicely browned. It is not necessary to open the cooker for basting as the hot steam prevents burning.

Chicken Stew

Clean the chicken and cut it into small pieces. Heat the kettle and cover with water; allow to boil slowly for thirty minutes; season with pepper and salt, and place in cooker for six hours. Remove from cooker and add thickening. If desired, dumplings may be added and the kettle replaced in the cooker for thirty minutes.