Chicken Croquettes

1 cups cold chicken 1 tablespoon butter tablespoon flour cup milk or stock Dash of nutmeg

teaspoon onion juice teaspoon salt teaspoon pepper tablespoon lemon juice 1 egg

Bread crumbs and beaten egg

Cook the] flour in the butter; add the milk gradually; then the seasonings and chicken. Remove from the fire; add the egg, well beaten; mix and cool. Shape in small cones; dip in another beaten egg; roll in bread crumbs; put in a wire frying-basket and lower into boiling hot fat. Test the fat by lowering a piece of stale bread into it; if the bread browns in thirty seconds the fat is sufficiently hot. Fry the croquettes a light brown; drain over the fat; lay on brown paper in a warm place for a few minutes and serve.

Meat Croquettes

Veal, mutton, lamb, beef and turkey croquettes may be prepared in the same way as chicken croquettes. The secrets of success are to have the croquettes well coated with egg and crumbs and the fat sufficiently hot. Olive oil, cottolene, suetine, lard, or a mixture of any of these with drippings will serve the purpose; but olive oil is best.

Rice Croquettes

1 cup boiled rice

1 egg

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon melted butter

Salt to taste


Beat the egg light; mix with other ingredients, using enough cream to make the rice malleable. Make into croquettes; dip in egg and fine cracker or bread crumbs and stand for several hours in a cold place. Fry in deep fat, very hot,