Ginger Frappe

cup molasses 1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 quart water teaspoon powdered ginger

Dissolve the molasses in the water; add the lemon juice and ginger and freeze to a soft mush.

Chocolate Frappe

Prepare chocolate as for drinking; then chill; freeze soft and serve with whipped cream.

Cafe Frappe

1 quart clear coffee 1 cup sugar

1 cup thin cream

Dissolve the sugar in the hot coffee, add the cream and freeze to a mush.

Grape-Fruit Frappe

1 quart water 1 cups grape-fruit juice

2 cups sugar 1 cups lemon juice

Boil the sugar and water for fifteen minutes; cool thoroughly; add the fruit juice; strain and freeze to a mush. Serve in grapefruit skins.

Cranberry Frappe

1 teaspoon gelatine 1 pint cold water 1 pint cranberries

1 cups sugar Juice of 1 lemon cup boiling water

Soak the gelatine in half a cup of the cold water and cook the cranberries in the remainder. When soft press through a sieve; add sugar, lemon and the gelatine, dissolved in the boiling water. Freeze to a mush and serve with roast turkey.