Chicken Broth

1 chicken cup rice

1 quart cold water 1 cup water

Salt and pepper

Cut the chicken into small pieces and place it in a deep earthen dish; add the quart of water; cover it and set over a kettle of boiling water, letting it steam until the meat of the chicken has become very tender. Strain off the broth and let it stand over nighty In the morning remove the fat and return the liquid to the original earthen dish. Steam the rice in the cup of water until it is soft; add it to the broth and steam the whole from one to two hours longer.

Clam Bouillon

1 dozen clams in shells 1 pint milk

2 cups water tablespoon butter

Salt and red pepper

Scrub the clams and put them in a covered vessel over the fire in the water. Heat the milk separately. Boil the clams until the shells open; fill bouillon cups half full of broth; then pour in the milk, to which the butter and seasoning have been added.

Oyster Bouillon

25 oysters 1 pint milk

1 cup water tablespoon butter

Salt and red pepper

Wash the oysters; chop them fine; cover with water or oyster juice and cook in a double boiler for one hour, closely covered; strain through a sieve; add the milk, separately heated, and the butter and seasoning. Serve in bouillon cups.

Oyster Soup No. 1

25 oysters and juice 1 pint milk 1 ounce butter

Salt and pepper 1 bard boiled egg 1 soda cracker rolled

cup chopped celery

Boil the milk and set it aside. Bring the oyster juice to a boil and remove the scum. Put the oysters over the fire with the juice and the butter; let them simmer until the edges begin to curl; add the boiled milk; bring all to a boil and add the seasoning-salt and pepper to taste. Mix the cracker and celery with the egg, finely chopped; put these into a tureen and pour the soup over them.

Oyster Soup No. 2

25 oysters and juice 1 pint cream stock

Drain the oysters through a colander; strain the juice through a fine sieve; bring to a boil; skim; and when clear add the oysters, washing them first to remove bits of shell. Let them cook slowly until the edges begin to curl; add the cream stock and serve.

Clam Soup

25 small clams 1 pint milk Pinch of mace 1 hard-boiled egg

teaspoon chopped parsley

1 rolled cracker

2 tablespoons butter teaspoon flour

Wash the clam shells very clean; place them in a pan in the oven for about five minutes, or until the shells open; then remove them from the shells, saving all the juice. Unless the clams are small chop them very fine. Boil the milk; add the juice, the mace, parsley, egg, rolled cracker, and the butter mixed with the flour. Last of all add the clams; bring to a boil and serve.

Chile Bisque

4 sweet chile peppers cup boiled rice Tabasco and salt

1 egg

cup cream

1 pint hot milk

Remove the seeds and veins from the peppers; boil and press the pulp through a colander. To this add a cup of boiled rice, mashed smooth. Season highly with tabasco and salt. Beat the egg; add the cream, then the hot milk, and pour all into the bisque.