Cut heads and feet off four each fat grouse and partridge, neatly draw, remove gall bags, then place in a tureen. Slice off breasts from birds, remove skin, and place in tureen with livers. Add six finely chopped shallots, two chopped branches parsley, a branch chervil, sprig thyme, three bay leaves, teaspoon whole spice, two cloves, a half gill good old rum and two gills sherry. Season with a light tablespoon salt, two saltspoons cayenne pepper and a saltspoon grated nutmeg; turn breasts and livers well in seasoning, cover tureen and keep in ice box for twenty-four hours. Finely chop all remaining carcasses and bones of birds and place in saucepan with one ounce finely chopped raw ham, a small sliced carrot, six sliced shallots, a branch of parsley and six tarragon leaves. Moisten with two gills white wine, a half gill sherry and two gills demi-glace (No. 122), mix all well together and let slowly cook for one and a half hours, being careful to mix once in a while. Remove, briskly press this "fumet" through a fine sieve into an earthen tureen and let cool off. Finely chop one pound raw lean veal, one and a half pounds fresh fat pork and four ounces larding pork, thoroughly pound in mortar to a pulp, remove and rub through a sieve into "fumet" tureen.

Mix both together, cover force with a clean cloth and keep in ice box for twenty-four hours:

Roll out three-quarters (only) of paste (No. 3156) on a lightly buttered table to one-third inch thick. Lightly butter interior of an oval-shaped, medium-sized pate mould (sufficiently large to conveniently hold material), place it at bottom of baking tin, line interior of mould with layer of paste, being particularly careful to raise up paste a quarter inch higher than brim, and neatly press paste at bottom and sides of mould. Take the two tureens from ice box, neatly wipe breasts and livers with a towel, place on a plate, and strain marinade through cheesecloth into force tureen. Season with a half teaspoon salt, two saltspoons cayenne, a saltspoon each grated nutmeg and ground, mixed spices, pour in two tablespoons truffle liquor and sharply mix until well amalgamated. Cut six truffles in quarters, spread a quarter of force at bottom of mould, carefully arrange three breasts each of partridge and grouse over, and arrange a third of truffles in centre. Spread another similar layer of force over breasts of three more partridges and grouse, another third truffles in centre and livers around, cover with another layer of force and arrange balance of force over, cover top with thin slices larding pork and place a sprig of bay leaf right in centre.

Roll out on a floured table half the balance of paste and with it cover pie. Carefully press edges of tureen and paste so as to hermetically close it. Make a hole in centre of pie, arrange a piece buttered white paper in the hole to act as a chimney, and egg surface all around. Roll out balance of paste as thin as possible, with an oval, dentilated pastry cutter stamp out as many pieces as you can, and arrange crown-like one overlapping another around surface of pie, lightly egg and set in moderate oven for two hours. Bring it to oven door, pour in through chimney a half gill brandy, reset in oven for forty-five minutes more, remove and let cool off. Pour in through chimney two gills melted jelly, place in ice box and when jelly is thoroughly set unmould, dress pie on dish with a folded napkin and serve. Whatever is left of pie after having been served envelop in clean cloth and put in cool place, as it will keep in good condition for several weeks