Muskmelons (2056) Grape-Nuts (1371)

Shirred Eggs, Demi-Glace

Filet of Sole, Meuniere (565)

Broiled Pigs' Feet on Toast (434)

Saratoga Potatoes (156)

English Muffins (528)

2330. Shirred Eggs, Demi-Glace

Lightly butter six egg dishes. Crack two fresh eggs in each dish. Season evenly with half teaspoon salt and three saltspoons white pepper. Set in oven five minutes. Remove, pour evenly one gill hot demi-glace (No. 122) over them and serve.


Consomme in Cups (52)

Broiled Devilled Sardines (81)

Highlander (1734)

Tomatoes with Mayonnaise

Peach Tartlets

2331. Tomatoes With Mayonnaise

Plunge six fresh, sound, good-sized red tomatoes in boiling water one minute, remove, peel and let get cold. Then cut in quarters, place in a salad bowl, pour over them two tablespoons dressing (No. 863). Mix gently, then spread a mayonnaise sauce (No. 70) over them, and at the last moment gently mix and immediately serve.

2332. Peach Tartlets

Roll half pound feuilletage (No. 756) on a lightly floured table to the thickness of a sixth of an inch. Then with a three-inch pastry cutter cut out six even pieces. Arrange on six scalloped tartlet forms, then with the thumb carefully press down the paste at the bottom and sides of the moulds. Place a teaspoon currant jelly at bottom of each mould. Peel, cut in halves-and remove stones of six good-sized, sound, ripe peaches, then cut each half in three slices. Arrange six slices over each tartlet, sprinkle over, evenly divided, two ounces powdered sugar. Lay on a baking sheet, set in oven fifteen minutes. Bring them to the oven door, sprinkle a little more sugar around edges of the tartlets, reset in oven three minutes more. Remove, spread a teaspoon currant jelly over each tartlet, take them from the moulds and serve.