Consomme in Cups

Curried Scallops

Veal Cutlet, Tomato Sauce

Pommes Fondantes

Fig Pudding

52. Consomme In Cups

Two pounds raw beef from a shin, cut into pieces, any parings of chicken, beef and bones of same on hand, one-medium sized sliced carrot, one medium ditto sliced turnip, one ditto onion, one branch parsley chopped up, one clove sound garlic chopped up, one branch chopped celery, one ditto chervil, one ditto leeks, one tablespoon salt, ten whole black peppers, one clove, five allspice, one sprig bay leaf and one saltspoon thyme.

Place all the above in a saucepan, then pour in a little cold water to nearly cover the meat, and other ingredients. Place the pan to one side and let it stand to infuse for one hour. Then place the pan on the hot range and gently stir the contents with a wooden spoon while cooking for five minutes. Pour in two and a half quarts of boiling water and stir well again until it comes to a boil. Cover the pan and let it slowly simmer for one and a half hours. Strain the consomme through a napkin into six cups or a hot tureen and serve very hot.

N. B. - When the consomme is not to be served in cups, but with vegetables, pastes and so on, then it should be strained into another saucepan, as you will be directed.

53. Scallops In Curry

Plunge one and a half pounds well-cleaned fresh scallops in a quart of boiling water with a teaspoon salt and boil for two minutes. Drain thoroughly in a sieve and place them in the curry sauce, as per No. 54. Cook the whole together for two minutes and serve in a hot, deep dish.

54. Curry Sauce

Brown in a saucepan to a good golden colour in one ounce butter one medium-sized, sound, chopped-up onion; add one ounce lean, finely chopped ham, half branch of the white part of celery chopped, half-chopped green pepper, one sprig thyme, one clove, ten whole black peppers and half a sliced leek. Mix thoroughly with the wooden spoon while cooking for five minutes. Season with two saltspoons salt, adding one liberal teaspoon good curry powder and half a tablespoon flour. Mix well, then pour in a good half pint boiling water (if consomme or chicken broth is at hand, use it in place of the water). Gently mix again and allow to slowly cook for eighteen minutes, meanwhile lightly stirring at the bottom occasionally. Dilute one egg yolk in a tablespoon cream and add it to the curry sauce; mix well, but do not allow to boil again. Strain through a sieve into another saucepan.

N. B. Unless otherwise mentioned, a "tablespoon flour" means to be about a level, not a heaping, tablespoonful.

55. Veal Cutlets, Tomato Sauce

Pare nicely and flatten six rib veal cutlets. Season with a teaspoon salt and half a teaspoon white pepper, evenly divided. Roll them in beaten-up egg, then lightly roll in bread crumbs mixed with a tablespoon grated Parmesan or Swiss cheese.

Heat one ounce butter in a sautoire and fry the cutlets for five minutes on each side; then place in the hot oven for eight minutes. Dress on a hot dish, one overlapping another, and serve with a gill of hot tomato sauce (No. 16) in a saucebowl separately.

56. Potatoes, Fondantes

Peel and cut into half-inch dice-shaped pieces six sound, medium-sized raw potatoes. Wash well and drain. Cut into small pieces and melt in a small saucepan one ounce salt pork, add one sound, finely hashed onion and two bay leaves, and brown till of a nice golden colour. Then drop in the potatoes, season with half a teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper, and pour in sufficient boiling water to cover them up to three-quarters of their height. Cover the pan, let them slowly cook for forty minutes and suppress the bay leaves. Dress on a hot dish, besprinkling with a little chopped parsley, and serve.

57. Fig Pudding

Soak four ounces California figs in a quart lukewarm water for one hour. Remove, drain well on a towel. Cut them into quarter-inch pieces; place in a bowl, adding two ounces bread crumbs, two ounces powdered sugar, one ounce flour, one tablespoon rum and three egg yolks. Mix all well together with a wooden spoon for five minutes. Then beat up the whites of the three eggs to stiff froth and add to the other bowl; lightly mix with the spoon for a minute. Lightly butter and flour a quart pudding mould, then pour in the preparation. Place the mould in a pastry tin and pour in boiling water up to half the height of the mould. Remove, unmould on a hot dish and serve with a sauce Sabayon (prepared as per No. 102) over the pudding.