230. Green Peppers, Stuffed

Plunge into boiling water for two minutes one very small and three fine, large, sound green peppers. Remove and neatly peel them with a towel. Split the three large ones in even halves, lengthwise. Keep the smaller one as it is. Remove the seeds, nicely clean the pods, then fill with a stuffing prepared as per No. 230A. Spread a tablespoon fresh bread crumbs over their surface. Lay them on a lightly buttered pan, place over each pepper a dot of butter, then set in a brisk oven for ten minutes, or till of a nice golden colour. Remove, dress on a hot dish with a folded napkin and serve.

230a. Stuffing For Green Peppers

Thoroughly heat a teaspoon butter in a small saucepan, add three finely chopped, sound shallots and half ounce finely chopped, cooked lean ham, lightly mix and gently cook for two minutes. Sprinkle a teaspoon flour over, stir well for half minute, then pour in a gill demi-glace (No. 122); after removing the seeds from the remaining small pepper finely mince it up and add to-the pan with four finely chopped canned mushrooms, half teaspoon finely chopped parsley and the meat of two raw sausages. Season with two saltspoons pepper and one salt-spoon grated nutmeg. Mix all well together and cook for eight minutes. Remove the pan to a table, add three tablespoons fresh bread crumbs, thoroughly stir, then use as directed.

231. Sweetbreads Braise, Cheron

Blanche six sweetbreads, as per No. 33, and proceed to prepare them precisely the same as No. 32. Prepare also a Bearnaise sauce, as per No. 34. Dress the breads on a hot dish, then spread a tablespoon Bearnaise sauce over each bread. Arrange six canned artichokes filled on top with a tablespoon hot macedoine and serve.

232. Artichoke Bottoms

Open a pint can fresh artichokes with a can opener (there are usually six artichokes to a can). After draining off the water dry the artichokes on a cloth. Heat well half ounce clarified butter in a frying pan, place the artichokes in the pan and cook them for three minutes on each side and see that they obtain a good colour. Remove them with a skimmer and use as directed.

233. Macedoine Of Vegetables

Cut with a very small vegetable scoop two medium-sized carrots and two ditto turnips; place them in a small saucepan with a pint hot water, one teaspoon salt and let boil for thirty minutes. Strain and replace in the saucepan with two tablespoons cooked green peas, two tablespoons cooked string beans in half-inch lengths, two tablespoons flageolet beans and a few small pieces cooked cauliflower (if at hand). Season with two saltspoons salt and a saltspoon white pepper, adding half ounce good butter. Mix well with a wooden spoon till thoroughly thickened and use as directed.

234. Ruddy Duck, Roasted

Carefully pick all over two fine, fat ruddy ducks. Draw and neatly wipe the inside of the birds with a towel. Season the inside of each with two saltspoons salt well divided. Run in the head of each from the end of the neck to back with a small branch celery. Truss them nicely. Lay them in a roasting pan. Season with a teaspoon salt over each. Spread a teaspoon melted fat on the breasts of the birds. Place in the oven to roast for eighteen minutes. Remove, untruss, place on a hot dish, remove the celery, throw a teaspoon hot water inside each bird, then serve with six slices hominy around the dish and currant jelly separately.

235. Fried Hominy

Boil the same quantity of hominy as per No. 45. Pour it into a pastry pan and let get thoroughly cold. Then cut the hominy into two-inch-square pieces, half inch in thickness. Gently pass each piece in flour, then in beaten eggs and lastly in fresh bread crumbs. Plunge them in boiling fat and fry until they have obtained a nice golden colour. Lift them up, drain thoroughly and serve.

236. American Pudding

Two eggs, one ounce granulated sugar, one ounce ground almonds, one ounce remnants of cakes or bread crumbs, one tablespoon cream, one ounce candied cherries, one gill preserved strawberries and half ounce melted butter.

Place the strawberries in a lightly buttered china souffle dish. Separate the yolks from the white of the two eggs, place the yolks in a basin and the whites in an egg-bowl on the ice. Stir the sugar into the yolks and briskly beat up to a cream; add the almonds and cakes or bread crumbs very gradually, briskly beating meanwhile. Rapidly whisk up the white of the two eggs and then gradually add it to the other preparation, add the cream and butter, mixing well while doing so. Place the preparation into the souffle dish containing the strawberries. Nicely arrange the cherries on top. Place the dish in a moderate oven to bake for twenty minutes. Remove and send to the table.