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Bisque of Mussels

Shad Roe, Seville

Potatoes, Persillade (63)

Boiled Fowl, Indienne

Artichokes, Barigoule

Apple Omelette

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Dandelion Salad (606)

Cocoanut Pudding (274)

1208. Bisque Of Mussels

Procure forty-eight large fresh mussels, wash thoroughly and place in a saucepan with one and a half quarts water and six branches parsley, boil for fifteen minutes, drain on a sieve and keep the broth. Remove the mussels from the shells and finely chop them up. Heat one ounce of butter in a saucepan, add two ounces flour, stir well with a wooden spoon while heating for two minutes, then add the mussels, broth and a pint and a half milk. Season with a teaspoon salt, two saltspoons cayenne pepper and one saltspoon grated nutmeg; mix for two minutes, then let boil for five minutes. Skim the scum from the surface, add half ounce butter in small bits and a half gill cream; mix well for two minutes, strain through a Chinese strainer into a basin, then through a cheesecloth into a soup tureen, and serve with bread croutons (No. 23) separately.

1209. Shad Roe, Seville

Cut into very fine one-inch julienne strips a small, very red carrot, one medium, white onion and one green pepper; place in a large frying pan with half ounce butter, place the roes on top of vegetables, season with a teaspoon salt and two saltspoons white pepper. Cover the roes with a plate, and let sweat beside a brisk fire for ten minutes. Moisten with a half gill white wine, half gill demi-glace (No. 122) and half gill tomato sauce (No. 16), adding a saltspoon Spanish saffron. Cover again with the plate and set in the oven for thirty-five minutes. Remove, take up the roes with a skimmer, dress on a hot dish, add six finely minced canned mushrooms and six cooked shrimps cut in small pieces to the sauce, lightly mix, boil for four minutes; add half ounce good butter in small bits, lightly mix again, pour the sauce over the roes and serve.

1210. Boiled Fowl, Indienne

Cut off the head and feet of a tender, three-and-a-half-pound fowl. Singe, draw, keeping the liver and heart. Brown in a small frying pan half a small white onion, finely chopped up, with a teaspoon butter, then place the onion in a bowl. Finely chop the liver and heart, and add to the bowl with half ounce finely chopped fresh beef marrow, three tablespoons bread crumbs, two tablespoons milk and one raw egg. Season with half teaspoon curry powder, three saltspoons salt and a saltspoon thyme. Mix well, stuff the fowl with this force, neatly truss, lay it in a saucepan and pour in sufficient cold water to cover the bird, adding one carrot, one onion, two leeks, three branches celery and two branches parsley. Season with a tablespoon salt and a teaspoon curry powder, cover the pan and let boil for one hour. Remove all the vegetables from the pan, add six ounces raw rice, cover the pan again and set in the oven for forty minutes. Remove, dress the rice on a large hot dish, untruss the fowl and lay it on the rice, pour a curry sauce (No. 54) over and serve.

1211. Artichokes, Barigoule

Cut off the stalks and under leaves of three good-sized young French artichokes. Trim the sharp points with scissors, then plunge in a small saucepan with a quart water and boil for ten minutes. Drain on a sieve and let cool off. Remove the inner leaves and scoop out the artichokes. Brown six finely chopped shallots in a teaspoon butter for three minutes. Grate two ounces larding pork and hash six heads of mushrooms. Place shallots, pork and mushrooms in a bowl, adding a teaspoon freshly chopped parsley and quarter teaspoon chopped chives; add one level teaspoon flour and a tablespoon butter, season with two saltspoons salt, one saltspoon white pepper and a saltspoon grated nutmeg. Mix well, and with this fill up the artichokes evenly. Arrange a thin slice fat pork on top of each, tie them with string to their perfect forms, line the bottom and sides of a saucepan with thin slices larding pork, lay in the artichokes, pour a teaspoon oil on top of each and add to the pan two branches parsley and a clove sound garlic. Season with two saltspoons each salt and pepper, moisten with a gill white wine and half pint white broth (No. 701). Cover the pan and set in the oven for forty minutes, frequently basting with its juice.

Remove, dress the artichokes on a hot dish, untie and remove the slices of lard. Strain the gravy into another saucepan, skim all the fat from the surface and add one and a half gills demi-glace (No. 122). Reduce the sauce on an open fire to one gill, then pour it over the artichokes and serve.

1212. Apple Omelette

Peel, core and cut into small dice pieces two very sound apples. Crack eight fresh eggs in a bowl, add a half gill cream, season with a saltspoon salt and a tablespoon sugar. Beat up with a fork for two minutes. Heat a teaspoon butter in a frying pan, add the apples and briskly fry them for five minutes, tossing once in a while; drop in the eggs, mix with a fork for two minutes, let rest for half a minute; fold up the two opposite sides to meet in centre, let rest for one minute, then turn it out on a hot dish; sprinkle two tablespoons sugar and pour a good quarter gill rum over, set fire to the rum and serve.