Celery (86) Oysters (18) Caviare (159)

Consomme with Rice

Pompano Saute Brown Butter

Potatoes, Hollandaise (26)

Lamb Steaks, Devilled

Flageolets (95)

French Artichokes, Poivrade

Roast Chicken (290)

Chicory Salad (38)

Marrow Pudding

908. Consomme, With Rice

Prepare a consomme as per No. 52, strain it into another saucepan and keep hot. Boil in a quart of water with a teaspoon salt three ounces rice for thirty-five minutes. Drain on a sieve and add it to the consomme, then boil for five minutes. Pour it into a soup tureen and serve.

909. Pompano Saute, Brown Butter

Neatly wipe two fresh pompano of one and a half pounds each. Season with a teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper. Wet them with a tablespoon milk and lightly roll in flour. Heat a light tablespoon melted butter in a frying pan, lay the fish in the pan and fry for six minutes on each side. Remove, dress on a dish, and take all the fat from the pan; place in it three-quarters of an ounce butter and toss on the fire till of a brown colour; pour over the fish, decorate with six "quarters" of lemon and serve.

910. Lamb Steaks, Devilled

Procure six small lamb steaks, cut from a tender leg of lamb, of four ounces each. Neatly flatten them. Mix on a plate a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon white pepper and a tablespoon oil; repeatedly roll the steaks in the seasoning, arrange on a double broiler and broil for four minutes on each side. Remove, spread a devilled butter (No. 11) over them, then roll in bread crumbs; replace on the broiler and broil again for two minutes on each side. Pour a devilled sauce (No. 82) over a hot dish, place the steaks over the sauce and serve.

911. French Artichokes, Poivrade

Cut off the stalks and all stale leaves and neatly trim the under part of three medium-sized fresh French artichokes. Rub the under part of each with a quarter of a lemon to prevent getting black, cut each into half, dress on a hors d'oeuvres dish and serve with the following sauce: Place in a bowl a teaspoon French mustard, two tablespoons vinegar and three tablespoons oil. Briskly mix the whole together with a wooden spoon for two minutes. Pour in a saucebowl and serve separately.

912. Marrow Pudding

Finely chop up three ounces raw beef marrow; place it in a basin with three ounces bread crumbs and briskly mix both with a wooden spoon for two minutes, then add two egg yolks, with two ounces sugar; mix again for two minutes longer; add half ounce candied lemon or orange peel, one tablespoon rum and one tablespoon sherry; mix again for a minute. Beat the whites of the two eggs to a stiff froth and gently add to the mixture, lightly mixing meanwhile. Lightly butter six small pudding moulds, then fill them up with the preparation; place the moulds in a roasting pan, pour hot water into the pan up to half the height of the moulds; set in the oven and bake for thirty-five minutes; remove, unmould upon a hot dish. Pour a rum sauce, prepared as per No. 41, over and serve.