37. Roast Redhead Ducks

Pick, singe, draw and neatly wipe two fine, fat redhead ducks. Season the inside of each with a good half teaspoon salt, cut the neck of each duck near the carcass, run in the head from the end of the neck to the back of each duck and nicely truss. Place a small branch of celery inside of each bird, place them on a roasting pan and spread a teaspoon melted butter on the surface of each. Sprinkle a very little salt over them. Set in a brisk oven to roast for from sixteen to eighteen minutes. Remove, untruss and take out the celery. Dress on a hot dish. Skim off the fat from the gravy, drop in two tablespoons hot water, lightly mix and boil on the range for one minute, then strain the gravy over the ducks and serve with six pieces of fried hominy and currant jelly separately.

37a. Fried Hominy For Game

Have one pint boiling water with half a teaspoon salt in a small saucepan; then gently and gradually drop in four ounces hominy, stirring well with the wooden spoon, and let it slowly cook for twenty-five minutes, lightly stirring occasionally. Transfer the hominy into a very small tin and let cool off. Then turn it on a lightly floured corner of a table. Cut the hominy then into six equal lozenge pieces. Lightly dip them in beaten egg, then lightly roll in bread crumbs, plunge and fry in thoroughly boiling fat for five minutes. Lift up with the skimmer, thoroughly drain on a towel, arrange on a dish with a folded napkin and serve.

38. Chicory Salad

Procure two medium-sized heads of very fresh white chicory; carefully pare off the green leaves and cut away the roots. Carefully wash, thoroughly drain in a wire salad shaker or a clean napkin and place in a salad bowl. Season with four tablespoons dressing, as per No. 863. Thoroughly mix and send to the table.

39. Peach Pudding

Three slices white bread without crust; cut them into pieces one-quarter of an inch square. Two tablespoons well-cleaned, small Sultana raisins. One pint can or the equivalent of fresh peaches, cut into one-quarter-inch square pieces, four drops almond flavouring and five drops vanilla essence.

Place all the above articles in a vessel and mix well together. Thoroughly clean six small lightly buttered individual pudding moulds, then fill them up with the mixture, being careful not to press the bread in the moulds. Pour the custard preparation No. 40 in each mould, equally divided. Place the moulds in a sautoire with hot water up to half their height. Place in the hot oven and let steam for thirty minutes. Remove from the oven, unmould, lay them on a hot dish, and serve with a hot rum sauce in a saucebowl, separately.

40. Vanilla Custard For Puddings

Two raw eggs, two ounces powdered sugar, one-half pint cold milk, three drops vanilla essence. Break the eggs in a bowl, add the sugar and sharply beat with the wire whisk for three minutes or until well thickened. Add the milk and essence and briskly mix with a whisk for two minutes. Then the custard preparation is ready for use.